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  1. suewho

    the rebel alliance wants you!

    Hi all, we have just created a new fellowship out of the ashes of our old one. we are eight committed players with years of experience between us. we want new members, who play regularly and participate in tournaments and fellowship adventures. big players, small players, middle sized players...
  2. suewho

    Answered elvarian guard question

    Im a bit confused about this badge. as I understand it we need to recruit (produce) 3 times our squad size per badge. does it matter what troops? some troops take up more space in the squad, so would that mean I need to produce less of those? can someone explain, and if possible give me some...
  3. suewho

    Closed | Archived text doesnt display properly

    when I hover over the daily exclusive in the phoenix event , the text displays in a long vertical line, which runs off the bottom of the screen and I cant read it. Ive no idea what the buildings will actually do.
  4. suewho

    Answered blueprint

    hi, I have a magic residence. to upgrade it I need a "blueprint". is this something I'm supposed to buy? where do I get them cheers
  5. suewho

    Answered empty world map- staying empty!

    my world map empties from time to time,- and I understand why that is- but it seems to be staying empty now (wynyandor) this is causing a real drain on my coin collection, I'm aware I can click on the ruins and I do, but its only half. doe's any one know why it is taking so long to fill up my...
  6. suewho

    my fellowship is holding me back

    Hi all. my fellowship is holding me back from advancing as I would like. 2 players are visiting, they pick up my trades eventually. but overall, it's not what I want from a "fellowship". I have planks, scrolls, and magic dust as boosts, and trade at least 500 at a time. I try hard not to trade...
  7. suewho

    actively trading fellowship wanted

    Hi there Im looking for a fellowship in which most members trade their boosted goods for the good of all members. My boosts are Planks, Silk, and Gems. daily player and visitor.