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  1. Harry12Neo

    Open Fellow problem

    One of our fellow members is writing something that means nothing.That's not even a language.Even Google failed to detect the language.And now another fellow member fears that that player is a trojan.Can the security team check it?
  2. Harry12Neo


    Can the tents' difficulty also be shown like it is shown for provinces?Or it can be done with 'Rings' used in the browser version too.And please add manual fighting system too. [All in the app version]
  3. Harry12Neo

    Question Time

    What GMT is followed in Elvenar?I can never figure out when something is going to start.Is it (GMT+0) hours?
  4. Harry12Neo


    Our fellowship needs members.If there are active players,who can fulfill our fellowship's requirements,may join.Our fellowship is 'buisnescity'.Everything is in the introduction.Hope to see newcomers soon....
  5. Harry12Neo

    Question Relic

    Other than tournaments,provinces and neighbouring help,is there any way to get relics?
  6. Harry12Neo

    Question Royal Restoration

    Without tournament,is there any way to get R.R
  7. Harry12Neo


    Someone wants to join in our fellowship.So he sent me a message.But I don't know how to join him in the fellowship.Can anyone tell me that?
  8. Harry12Neo

    Fighting Facility

    In the pc version,there is a option of manual fighting when battle comes.I guess,elvenar can bring manual fighting system to the mobile version also
  9. Harry12Neo

    Fighting Style

    Why doesn't Elvenar include manual fighting system in mobile phone?It would be so much useful
  10. Harry12Neo


    The reward system of May Celebration is way more better than this Air Traders' Voyage.Wish that was here also.
  11. Harry12Neo

    Answered Event email

    My email of the event which gives 100 fuel crystals isn't working.Can anyone tell me why?
  12. Harry12Neo

    Closed | Contact Support Touch problem

    My buildings often don't work when I touch them.The productions remain as they were,I can't collect them.Also can't enter into the building
  13. Harry12Neo

    Answered Spire of Eternity

    Can anyone tell me why my Spire isn't working?I reached 3rd chapter- Ascending Magic.But my Spire isn't opening and also the tab where one can see the competitors and winner of every spire isn't working.Can anyone give me suggestions?
  14. Harry12Neo

    Question Wishing Well

    Is there Wishing Well in May Celebration?