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  1. Closed | Archived Incorrect points awarded for manufacturing Sentient Goods in Manufacturing Challenge

    Hello. I have noticed that the points being awarded on completion of sentient goods manufacture, is less than the actual points that are shown when you start the sentient goods manufacture for this manufacturing goods challenge. Instead of 60 points for a 9 hour manufacture - you only get 20 etc.
  2. Fellowship of Friends

    Hello I have sent you an invite to join us as we do coach new players. Regards,
  3. Love to help others

    Hello Emby. I have inboxed you. You are welcome to come and join us. Regards,
  4. Trailblazers

    Trailblazers in F is looking for new members with Marble, Crystal or Steel, Crystal boosts. We are looking for active players who play regularly and like to participate in the weekly tournaments to earn rewards. Please message Gregdon24 or Jdh72 if you would like to join us.
  5. Clan NORDS is seeking for memebers

    Old Evo's is looking for new members. We are looking for players with Steel and Crystal or Marble and Crystal boosted goods. We have a core group of fairly active players who play daily and are looking to grow the active member core at this stage. Please message Gregdon 24 or JDh72 if you...
  6. looking for a fellow ship

    Hello hisflip. I have sent you a message and invite to join our fellowship in Felyndral.
  7. Implemented Factories to show type of goods produced

    Hello Timneh I was well aware of what production it was. I just made a stupid mistake, which is going to cost me another 2 days to wait to continue the Snow Flurry Christmas Event - hence my suggestion for the game developers and programmers to use a multiple task Window when the task in the...
  8. Implemented Factories to show type of goods produced

    Is it possible with regard to Princess Lizzie's comment above to do the following - regarding the Christmas Event - make the task list multiple where you ask for more than 1 Tier 1 Good manufactured so that error clicks are accepted as part of the tasks completed? I just clicked in error to...
  9. Discussion Summer Solstice

    Hello, Can we get new quests or a part 2 of Summer Solstice to allow us to get the other 2 Venar's Rocks?
  10. Visiting Fellowship Members etc.

    Thanks Amy. I did visit the Wiki and viewed the specific details that I was looking for. Regards,
  11. Visiting Fellowship Members etc.

    Hello Horanda. Thanks for the response but I am still as clueless as I was just now. How exactly are they worked out? I get based on main hall, which explains the difference but does not explain the calculation.
  12. Looking for active players

    Hello prospective fellowship members. I am also with Thatgirl in International Trading Company. We are currenty looking for players who have scrolls as a boosted good on the 2nd tier. Contact us and we can correspond further. My player name in Winyandor is Gregdon24.
  13. Visiting Fellowship Members etc.

    Hello Avatrix. Can you explain why that amount of supplies is different in different cities when you visit neighbors? How is the amount of coins and supplies determined?