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  1. New units and tournament bugged?

    Well, this is great. It seems that there is much more info about the bug on the German Forum. What are we supposed to do while the team is looking into the issue? I have read nothing on this forum or on the German forum that indicates the bug has been fixed. This is very frustrating for...
  2. Discussion Spire of Eternity

    What a total waste! The 1st few chests were somewhat reasonable. After that, all I got accomplished was killing troops and wasting resources for prizes that were not worth the price. Stay away after the 1st 2 or 3 chests or so!
  3. Discussion Summer Mermaids

    You Lol. You do have a point, but many of the Daily Prizes are not durable, such as Portal Profit and the Speed Boosts. At least the Temporary Military Buildings aid you in getting something permanent more quickly (KP to be used in Research, Ancient Knowledge to upgrade your Ancient Wonders, etc.)
  4. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    I learned that all of the temporary military buildings used to be offered as daily prizes in events, like the currently-running Summer Mermaids. When Crafting became available, they were no longer offered as daily prizes. Why not bring them back as Daily Prizes in Summer Mermaids? The last few...
  5. Discussion Summer Mermaids

    Since these buildings are offered so rarely in Crafting, maybe InnoGames should think about offering them (or at least the Unleashed Unit Upgrade) as daily prizes again. It is a thought. Look at the Daily Prizes. The list contains Grounds of the Orc Strategist, Rainbow Flower Cage, Rainbow...
  6. Discussion Summer Mermaids

    Why not put the three temporary military buildings (Enlightened Light Range, Magnificent Mage Multiplier, Unleashed Unit Upgrade) as daily prizes in Summer Mermaids? A lot of people want more of these, and they rarely come up in Crafting. If putting all 3 as Daily Prizes is not feasible, how...
  7. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    That would be nice if InnoGames would offer that option to us. Again, my selections were 2 pet foods, 1 Supply Windfall, and 2 Coin Rains. It's been quite a while since I have seen a temporary military building offered.
  8. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    OK, maybe not 10 - 15 options instead of 5. However, you do agree that " This is so true. The options just changed again. Two pet foods (useful for those who have Phoenixes), two relics, and another 2x1 culture unicorn. No temp fighting buildings again.
  9. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    Oh, wow. That is such a simple solution, and it would totally work. Ingenious!
  10. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    Eight hours later, the 5 new items available for crating are: 1. One Ancient Knowledge 15 - nice, but available in tournaments and events like Summer Mermaids 2. Portal Profit 15% - also nice, but available in events like Summer Mermaids 3. One 8-hour booster - also nice, but available in events...
  11. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    The 5 new items available for crafting are now: 1. Three (3) KP - multiple places to get KP, including just waiting 3 hours. 2. Another Coin Rain - pretty useless, again, a number of sources for coins. 3. A blue 2x2 culture item - multiple ways to get culture 4. A green 2x2 culture item -...
  12. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    I completely agree. I can certainly do without the relics (can get these in abundance in tournaments and in reward chests for visits), 2x1 culture items, coin rains, etc. We need items we cannot get elsewhere - temporary battle buildings and pet food (even though I managed not to ever get a...
  13. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    Copter is correct. Right now, this is what is offered in Crafting: Two Ancient Knowledge 5 (not bad, but easily obtained in other ways) 5 Magic Dust relics (easily obtained in reward chests and tournaments) 5 Planks relics (easily obtained elsewhere) 1 Coin Rain (easily obtained in events...
  14. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    I totally agree. Less temporary fighting buildings = less fun = less playing of the game. For many, less playing of the game = less purchasing diamonds. Surely the financial aspect of offering players fewer opportunities to craft temporary building that aid in fighting battles is not lost on...
  15. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    As Pauly7 pointed out, what we really need are: 1. temporary military buildings 2. pet food 3. Royal Restoration spells for blueprints. I don't need unicorns and chessboards. I can get relics via tournaments mostly. I think Pauly7 is right about the apparent "randomness" of dry spells...
  16. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    I saw two of them in the past 10 days (Royal Restoration Blueprint spells). However, I agree with you. We need to be able to craft items we have no other way of getting easily - pet food and temporary military buildings top the list. And, you are so right about Royal Restoration spells. Even if...
  17. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    They are among the most popular crafting items in my fellowship, so why are they offered so rarely (compared to coin rain, etc)?
  18. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    I missed all of the Phoenix events due to real life getting in the way of playing the game. So, I am at a huge disadvantage compared to those who obtained Phoenixes that aid in battle. I really depend on the fighting buildings that can be crafted in the Magic Academy (Enlightened Light Range...
  19. Answered Another Phoenix Event?

    Thank you! That is excellent! I tried searching for the answer, but there were so many Phoenix threads that I couldn't find it.