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  1. THe Elite Warriors.JOIN US!

    please delete!
  2. THe Elite Warriors.JOIN US!

    Dianne Spencer The Elite Warriors (A Touch of Serenity) on EN1 server in Arendyll are looking for players who enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. We encourage participation in Tournaments and FA. Friendly, active group, regular visits, great trades and lots of help, chat and fun. Contact Archmage...
  3. Discussion Winter Magic!

    Any News ref start date for WINTER MAGIC??? I heard via the grapevine he start has been delayed ;this is a pain as am at a critical stage of Orc an dGobilns and holdingg research fo rth eevent is really slowingn up growth as is th epsace I created for extra W/S and factories. maybe yoyu...
  4. Closed | Archived Banshee - Research Tree Flag

    Same here have researched Banshee but red exclamation lingers on onthe research tree! Have cleared cache etc not able to fix this
  5. New Game Features Filter on Individual Players on Trading Post UI

    Very useful idea.Filter out anything below 2* or 3 * BUt to help beginners we can then allow it to trade and help those much lower than ourselves within our own Fellowship or for a Birthday treat which I think is a lovely Bonding idea one of my Fellowships has adopted THe Birthday member puts...
  6. Leaving sadly

    Dear Forum Friends and DEVS I have sadly decided to remove the app for Elvenar I am shocked how much time I have spent on the game and how quickly I became addicted to it!!! I need to engage more with real life however hard that now is The game changes have turned a pleasure into a time...
  7. Answered Squad Size Researched

    I agree!!!! for those of us at lower levels we cannot expand without more provinces we cannot upgrade our boosted buildings without expansion With the devastating reduced Squad size PLUS hugely increased enemy numbers winning a fight is impossible at our level I love this game but feel totally...
  8. Whre did my points go?

    Same here Squad back to 24 from 48 PLUS enemy numbers and stats loaded against me impossible to win any battles in my current scouted provinces:
  9. Answered Squad Size Researched

    Yes my SQuad size has halved although Squad Upgrade 4 HAD been researched. I am already on next tier of research Also the enemy squads have been tweaked some numbers are HUGE I a can no longer win a fight ????