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  1. Gargon667

    Anyone wants to experience the next level of crazy?

    Just saying in case anyone wants to see how FAs are done? The best of the best (yes I know we are also modest as hell) have a spot free and if you want to contribute to some new record (our own from last time) breaking performance, we do have a spot free right now. Unfortunately i have not seen...
  2. Gargon667

    Closed | Contact Support Weird name changes in chat and messages

    Now this is one thing I unfortunately cannot prove, because I don´t have the screenshots for it, but it has happened at least twice and one of those instances was not me ;) What I noticed was that a message in the chat was sent by a certain person, later when I went back in the chat the same...
  3. Gargon667

    Question Chapter 16 Question

    Now I am in a pickle and wonder if some of you who have played chapter 16 and are able to think a bit outside the box can help me out a bit :) With the uninteresting event in a row I am getting bored out of my mind, at the same time I can´t get myself to play chapter 16 which would actually...
  4. Gargon667

    Reduce number of clicks in the tourney without requiring new programming

    This is primarily for the App, since most people use the App for tourney play, but can be adjusted to the browser version as well. Since the topic of clicks in tourney has come up in various places now, and most of them require changes in game mechanics and additional programming here are my...
  5. Gargon667

    Closed | Archived Donating KP to currently upgrading AWs

    This may have to do with the new favorites thing for AWs alternatively with the new way to enter my FS AWs through the FS screen while being in my own city. I am playing on EN3 but I assume it will be the same everywhere. The bug is: Through the FS member list I can access an AW of a Fellow...
  6. Gargon667

    Balancing the amount of candy in mystical objects

    I suggest an increase of the amount of candy in mystical objects to 500. The probability of receiving candy does from the object does not matter greatly and can be used to lower or raise the total amount of event currency during the event. Explanation: Events were nerfed for rewards (last 2...
  7. Gargon667

    FA map change - considering the intended change from beta

    I suggest a change towards higher badge cost for maps (as previously tested and rejected on beta) but with the inclusion to also cater to low performing FS, which was as far as I can tell the biggest problem with the last (non)change. Instead of adding 50% to all badges in all waypoints as in...
  8. Gargon667

    Swagafythee, active tourney and FA Fellowship

    Welcome to our Fellowship! We are a hyperactive Fellowship competing in all aspects (especially all the team events) of the game. We are always on the lookout for new towns to join us and right now we have a free spot or two! We offer all the benefits a FS can possibly offer, from AW...