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  1. AstralSoul

    Question Crafting - Chess Set

    Yes @Harry12Neo craft all the buildings, even the foundations for bears, birds, stone, mermaid, etc They will be pricey but its worth getting them all out of the roll in your MA. Keep them in your book, no need to build them. That way, it will be easier to get what you need. Those little 2x1...
  2. AstralSoul

    Is mana needed after the Amuni chapter?

    Consider "mega-sets", we soon are going to run dry on runes, you better start packing up libraries.
  3. AstralSoul

    Is mana needed after the Amuni chapter?

    Indeed, in fact, we need to prepare ourselves. I am only right to click "research" to Halflings but stalling. I know it is not much, but I hope for my level is good enough: I keep them more balanced, and nope, gems is NOT my boosted :P, NOPE, neither are crystals, I generate zero in fact...
  4. AstralSoul

    Question Crafting - Chess Set

    I have it in my book now... a Tree called "May Festival" with some folks dancing around grew up (from a seed maybe under the chest set) popped to level 10 in its place :p
  5. AstralSoul

    Question Removing Archmage

    If you do not want to part with your fellows, hit the elvenstats (or in the game), and study a little bit other FS. You will fine FS will good players with a similar problem than yours, having 10-12 inactive players. If you are a group and want to stick together, you can "fuse" with other FS...
  6. AstralSoul

    Is mana needed after the Amuni chapter?

    And you still are forgetting relics: - Pet foods. - AW Upgrades - Combining Catalysis And I guess some will craft other spells too. We are going to generate far fewer relics than we do know. So ensure you have a few thousands of each, and max out all tournaments since this new format we are...
  7. AstralSoul

    Is mana needed after the Amuni chapter?

    With tournament changes, we are going to have a lot less spells due to not winning dozens of each in the 3rd, 4th round after #9, and a lot less relics to craft spells... Spire haters are going to suffer even more...
  8. AstralSoul

    Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    I agree on the Wishing Well, but a PP? Have you lost it :p? Hahahaha. We have hundreds of those... A Ferris Wheel is much better than a portal profit: Look what I have in my settlement space while growing some T7,8,&9 manufactures for future chapters: The bottom-left corner is permanent, and...
  9. AstralSoul

    Gems Tournament

    Nice, I have my luck elsewhere within the Spire, (magic buildings, and spire sets,) but yes, I get some DAs too, not as many as I wished though.
  10. AstralSoul

    Neighbors Neighbor Help Reward Chest Update

    They nerfed the Crystal Lighthouse, so I doubt they will make anything in regards to this. The NH reward really is the tools, and especially, the gold.
  11. AstralSoul

    Magic Academy - Crafting: Mystical Object Reward Update

    I am usually lucky with these, however, I get those dreaded winter lampions every single time they show up!
  12. AstralSoul

    Ancient Wonders Ancient Wonder Ideas

    Yeah, so far for me, only is worth level #31 for my needles. I produce a lot of orcs and adding a 4% to speed, becomes worth after 72 days. However, the following levels are only an additional 2%, for tougher resources, mana, and a ridiculous amount of KP. However, I have seen several people...
  13. AstralSoul

    Gems Tournament

    We are been deprived of UUUs, that is the issue. Many, many, many of us are getting them rarely hehe lately hehe.
  14. AstralSoul

    Question Upgrading Residence to Lvl 4

    I said a few... not the whole tree! And for a millionaire, it makes a solution. that person buys all the expansions from the start and researches with diamonds the whole tree till Chapter XVI. That player can buy 15 Magic Residences, 8 Magic Workshops, and start buildings the city from there...
  15. AstralSoul

    Question Upgrading Residence to Lvl 4

    True, but sometimes its important to be a few steps ahead :)
  16. AstralSoul

    Question Upgrading Residence to Lvl 4

    How about the Main Hall? :D
  17. AstralSoul

    Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    So far, lets hope they release at least one in beta. The building not giving KP is a relief, I do not have to worry to fit it.
  18. AstralSoul

    Question Halflings' Orc Nest: Why is it worse than S&D's?

    True, I have seven on them, collect twice a day, and really never thought of it... that display is confusing, but yes, its a 24 hour timer with a 12h early collect.
  19. AstralSoul

    Neighbourly help suggestions

    Yeah, definitely, but as an eventual arrival it will be very nice :)
  20. AstralSoul

    Question Royal Restoration

    My FS history: Where I was for a week in a tiny one, then for a while in a lovely one, and my current one that matches my game more. I am chapter five in beta, at the end of halflings at in wynyador here.