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  1. Faldorin

    Elvenar Down For Maintenance

    The game keeps telling me that "There is something missing." My psychoanalyst has been telling me that for years!
  2. Faldorin

    Update Discussion Version 1.104

    *broken record* Something to tell you your SCOUT has finished would be nice!
  3. Faldorin

    Question Wishing Well

    No worry for me! I currently have 20+ in my city and 20+ in my inventory!
  4. Faldorin

    Discussion The May Celebrations Event

    Wow! Does INNOGAMES still do that? I haven't seen one of those "100 free things" emails in the best part of four years!
  5. Faldorin

    Discussion Chapter 16 - Embassies

    Really? Please don't tell me that CHAPTER 17 is going to be Orcs, Goblins & Woodelves working together!
  6. Faldorin

    Discussion Chapter 16 - Embassies

    Haven't we already done FAIRIES and DWARVES? *confused*
  7. Faldorin

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Chapter 15 wasn't that bad! The decent AWs at the end made up for the first 2 months grind! The latter half just required a lot of PPs to negate any GG production of any kind!
  8. Faldorin

    PETITION - InnoGames to Restore "Accidentally Deleted" Building

    Hold on while I get my popcorn... ... ... ...
  9. Faldorin

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    I'm not usually the negative type on this forum... but... I might just leave this chapter! Or, at least, get the three "normal" expansions... then just leave this chapter! Let's hope there are changes in LIVE. Lots of them! Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots! -PUHLEEZE-
  10. Faldorin

    More types of citizens on the streets

    It would be nice to "walk" around a city that you're visiting. Press a button to go to FPS 3D; really see those buildings working! But yes, more peeps is a great idea!
  11. Faldorin

    Bigger Roads

    NAH! Remove roads entirely! ^_^ They waste too much space! INNO should make it thus; One side of a building against another - 25% production or culture. Two sides of a building against two others - 50% production or culture. Three sides of a building against three others - 75% production or...
  12. Faldorin

    Petition to Bring Back Wishing Wells to Events

    No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I still have about 30 in my inventory! Let them phase out and only offer GENIES in the Spire!
  13. Faldorin

    Question Mage Journal

    It's a "1 day" SCROLLS MANUFACTORY production. https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Scrolls_Manufactory#Scrolls_Manufactory
  14. Faldorin

    Game down

    The new (improved?) version of EDGE supports HTML5! I guess you just haven't updated yet! ^_^
  15. Faldorin

    Closed | Archived "session has expired"

    Indeed. I use CHROME at home and EDGE at work. Both HTML5 and both running with no issues at all! ^_^
  16. Faldorin

    No Mystery Chests anymore in the Spire of Eternity

    Stubborn is stubborn! ^_^ (I'm going to get some popcorn and sit in the corner) EDIT: "Every solved Encounter has a chance of revealing a Mystery Chest."
  17. Faldorin

    Balancing the amount of candy in mystical objects

    Ah ha! So that explains why I usually get the 500D or the 8H Boosters from an MO! They have the lower value! You learn something new EVERY single day! ^_^
  18. Faldorin

    ElvenStats website - stats, ladders, and more

    There's a post from "elvenstats" on page 1 of this very thread saying they are the creator of the site. Maybe it would be an idea to PM them? No?
  19. Faldorin

    Saving more time

    I still think there should be a button that says "WIN ELVENAR!" and when you press it you win Elvenar! And then, every time you log-in a pop-up window tells you "You have won Elvenar!" That will save so much time wasted IRL collecting goods, starting new production of goods, building/upgrading...
  20. Faldorin

    Closed | Archived Memory leak

    My PC (if you would call it that) has 3 Gig RAM and currently running Windoze 10. I play Elvenar on Chrome and have had no issues, ever! It runs fine for me!