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  1. sunrae

    Question Fellowship ranking in Tournament

    Is there a way of seeing your fellowship tournament ranking as a whole? I can only see individual ranking on the tabs
  2. sunrae

    Arsenal are Recruiting

    We are a 10 chest tournament and Spire fs who are looking for daily enthusiastic players. We require a 1000pt average maintained in the tourneys and active Spire participation. We offer friendship, help and tips, very active AW threads and good trading. If you have team spirit and play every...
  3. sunrae

    Arsenal are looking for daily players

    Hello all :) We are a 10 chest tournament and Spire fs. We have 2 spaces for active enthusiastic people who are looking for a long term home. We offer you friendship, helpful tips, very active AW threads and good trading. We only require a 1000pt average maintained in the tournaments, a...
  4. sunrae

    Arsenal is recruiting tournament players

    Are you looking for an active fellowship? Do you want to achieve 10 chests in the tournaments? Do you have boosts in marble, steel, scrolls or gems? We are a friendly bunch who help each other out. We do ask for a minimum of 1000 points in the tournaments so that all have a fair share in the...
  5. sunrae

    Closed | Archived collection of goods/supplies

    I've had terrible trouble getting on Elevenar today(very very slow to load) and when I do and collect goods or supplies it doesn't let me start any more productions. When I refresh, the goods/supplies are back and I collect them again and then again I cannot start new productions. I completed...
  6. sunrae

    Rivendell Legends recruiting active players

    We are recruiting active players. We are looking for people who want to take part in the tournaments, at the moment we are achieving 3/4 chests a week and want active tourney players to help improve this average. We have no hard and fast rules, trade as you wish, it's an open free market...
  7. sunrae

    Looking for a fs for the tourneys

    Hi, I'm looking for an active friendly fellowship that takes part in the tournaments each week. I'm not keen on the FA but will help with a badge here or there if required. I play daily and always return NH. Also looking for good trades, 2 star and above, regular NH and the occasional...
  8. sunrae

    Closed | Archived Bug in quest reward

    In world Arendyl I have just won the Chicken glade but although it says its there it is not visible. I have logged out and back in again but its still not visible. I have received the benefit of culture and population but I would like to see it. Sunrae
  9. sunrae

    It could be you....

    We are looking for active daily players and we have a particular need for crystal makers. We will guarantee the following for the right person: Roast dinner every Sunday Plenty of fair trades Cake, fine wine and more cake Lots of cheerful chat Help with game strategy, advice and suggestions as...
  10. sunrae

    Closed | Archived Relic count wrong/snowflake quest reward stuck

    I play on Winyandor and 3 times in a row have spent snowflakes to receive 12 magic dust runes. The total magic dust relics count before next upgrade according to my main hall is 4294967287. It has been at this number since the repetition of the magic dust relic reward. I have spent 140...
  11. sunrae

    Closed | Archived Spam

    I and some fellowship members have received spam messages for an "age of space" game. Not a bug I know but don't know where else to put this. This one is signed off by as guardiam.