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  1. Pauly7

    Messaging system... grrr

    I'm mostly posting this just to vent, but I'd also appreciate this being passed on as a suggestion @Silmaril. I just typed someone a full 2,000 character message, hit send, only to get a message pop up saying "Message not sent - links can only be sent to fellowship members". OK. If they want to...
  2. Pauly7

    Gems Tournament

    Did anyone else take way more losses in the tournament today than they should have? I don't have a lot of good statistics, but I just know that my army was decimated today much more than in a normal gems round 1.
  3. Pauly7

    Knights of Hammer is recruiting

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for one new player to join Knights of Hammer. We are a top 25 fellowship on the server. We are tournament focussed and easily open 10 tournament chests each week. Everyone needs to be capable of scoring at least 1,000-2,000 points every week. That is the only real...
  4. Pauly7

    Filtered Trader

    So I know this has been mentioned a hundred times, but I just wanted to flag it again because I'm not really sure why this hasn't yet been sorted. Please, please, can you add the function to the trader in the app to allow us to filter out trades from the fellowship only? Once sentient goods are...
  5. Pauly7

    Uh oh...

    Did the Elvenar servers go down?
  6. Pauly7

    Knights of Hammer is recruiting

    Hi All, I'm looking for one new player to join Knights of Hammer. We are currently ranked 21st on the server. We are tournament focussed and easily open 10 tournament chests each week. Everyone needs to be capable of scoring at least 1,000-2,000 points every week. That is the only real...
  7. Pauly7

    Spire Scores

    I'm really not sure whether this is just me or if other people would be interested in this also. Currently, from the moment the Spire of Eternity ends each week all the individual data disappears, save for the total team score. (so far as I'm aware.) I would really like it if this information...
  8. Pauly7

    Mercenary Camp

    Apologies if this has already been discussed elsewhere, but I don't recall it. Most tournament players seem to agree that at higher game levels the troops from the Merc Camp are far superior to those from the Barracks. I have always maintained that until the point the Barracks training speed...
  9. Pauly7

    Troop Selections

    This applies mostly to the mobile app, but I think it's more or less the same on the browser version. When opening up the troop selection screen on a tournament encounter it always defaults to showing the barracks troops to pick from. It would be very useful if the game would remember which...
  10. Pauly7

    Unit Production Bonus vs Training Speed

    I've just spent a while trying to wrap my head around this question - Is the unit production bonus from Simia Sapiens the exact same thing as training speed bonus (like from Needles) added to a training size bonus (like from Bulwark)? If so I think I may elevate it to the most powerful AW, for...
  11. Pauly7

    Culture Overview

    I guess that a lot of people will say they wouldn't be too fussed about this, but I keep thinking that it would be nice if there were some sort of "Cultural Overview" window or tooltip that showed in a list: Each culture producing building Their current culture value Their "polished status"...
  12. Pauly7

    Latest Posts

    Does anyone know what's going on today with the "latest posts" lists disappearing? It seems like something will stay there for just a few minutes and then disappear.
  13. Pauly7

    Elvenar Down For Maintenance

    I realise that Inno will try to take the site down at what they see as the best times of day and I know that sometimes it may be an emergency or a fault, but if the game is being taken down for routine maintenance I wish an in-game notification would be sent out saying the time and date that it...
  14. Pauly7

    Orc Producing Buildings

    Given the massive increased requirements for Orcs of late in order to cater for Spire of Eternity progress and now on top of that to unlock high Ancient Wonder levels, players are needing to redesign their strategies to significantly raise their Orc production. It is challenging to meet the...
  15. Pauly7

    More activity for new players

    I recently started a new city for the first time since I've been playing this game. I realised (having forgotten, but now with the benefit of hindsight) how it can get dull very quickly. After a few hours I almost stopped, telling myself it would be a pointless waste of effort to put myself...
  16. Pauly7

    Traveling Merchants

    I've always ignored these due to their really low output of goods. I'm trying to look up whether they have had their powers boosted at all since last I looked that perhaps made them worth having, but I haven't seen any data more recent than almost a couple of years ago. In the crafting menu the...
  17. Pauly7

    New Ancient Wonder idea

    There has been quite a lot of talk about doing things to make catering/negotiating more attractive (it's a can of worms, I know). Someone suggested to me, what if there were an Ancient Wonder that reduced catering costs... So each level would work almost like a mini Advanced Scouts. Actually...
  18. Pauly7

    Production Indicators

    I doubt they would go for this, but here is something which would be immensely useful for Fellowship Adventures: What I am suggesting is that (applying perhaps only to level 1 workshops and manufactories) there should be a different coloured icon above each one depending which length of...
  19. Pauly7


    Is Elvenstats not working for everyone else right now?
  20. Pauly7

    Closed | Archived Multiple unwanted guesses in the Spire

    I'm not sure if this is affecting anyone else, but it is happening to me so often now as to be really annoying. What exactly is the problem? Including a screenshot can help a great deal. Sometimes the mobile app freezes with server lag and the swirly loading / waiting symbol appears for a few...