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  1. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    One of my FS has decided on FA-lite this time. Just one route per map and stop at the end of map 3. The prizes are just not worth more effort or city disruption. Let those FS who somehow get 100,000+ points continue to do so, at no doubt great expense in diamond buying.
  2. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    We don't hate it, just saying it is too frequent. Anyway you're playing devil's advocate now. Getting gold in the spire gives us extra diamonds that allow us to improve our game, getting to 10 chests in the tournament gives us a blueprint that also allows us to improve our game. If your approach...
  3. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    Only someone with too much time on their hands can do manual fighting in tournaments. But the main thing with tournaments is that I can do a round of autofighting in less than 10 mins per day, six times in a week, so not a major problem, and it doesn't require me to completely disrupt my city to...
  4. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    Again, too soon after the last one. My lot are suffering FA fatigue because Inno don't seem to be able to think of anything apart from Events and FAs. There used to be other things. An FA every 2 months is more than enough, and many of us would like a couple of weeks now and then to work on our...
  5. Path marking in FAs

    Suggestions on progressing through the FA maps include the ability to switch from one path to another at the triple waypoints at 2 and 5. It therefore seems unhelpfully clunky that the relatively recent option to allow specific paths to be outlined for our member's attention only allow a single...
  6. Cross-Tier Trades

    You seem to have missed my point. I suggested that sometimes there is an over abundance of one particular good (in the past scrolls were a famous example problem) and even 2-star trades can sit around for ages, and even not be taken before they expire. That doesn't make them unfair, or do you...
  7. Cross-Tier Trades

    I'm with Pauly on this. If a trade is offered and someone decides to take it, then the trade is acceptable. Also just becaue a trade sits arund not being taken doesn't make it unfair. Sometimes 2-start trades can stick around because there is an overabundance of a particular good, and therefore...
  8. Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    Yes, in the earlier FAs Blacksmiths were a problem on Orange 6, being worth more kept and used in the Pit. So we left Orange 6, 7, 8 not done. But that was in the days when Blacksmiths were the most difficult badge to make in large quantities and therefore it was usually the badge who's lack of...
  9. Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    Again you seem to miss my point, We will be competitive, we will strive to go as far as we can, and whatever we get to will be an arbitrary number, and everyone is suffering the same problem, I get that. But the way this FA has suddenly changed it looks increasingly likely that the Pit, that...
  10. Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    You miss my point. I accept that the way you play the FA the new rules will make it harder but not impossible to finish and gain all the prizes. But for those that are more highly competetive, striving for higher ranking in the FA and regard the Pit as the main part of the game (which requires...
  11. Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    If all 25 of your FS do that then you'll have around 312 Sacks of coins. (and not all of us have that many neighbours to visit). And if all 25 of you get half a sack of coins a day from your own residences, that would be another 75 Sacks, so 387 in total. As all three routes on all three maps...
  12. Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    We operate a spreadsheet for our FA so I have the stats to hand. So far 9 of my FS have opened the FA and collected badges. We have collected 1058 badges so far of which 1 is a Sack of coins !!
  13. Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    Yes we always ended up with a surplus, but generally less than double what we needed. To make what we need now 4 times as much is overkill, it is going to cause problems. This is going to prevent a lot of FS frrom getting into the Pit.
  14. Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    I've just emptied 20 magic residences of their full number of coins and got just over half a sack. We need 360 to complete all paths on all maps - and then some for the Pit. I don't see that it is possible now. More to the point, as was the case originally with Arcane Residue and Bracelets when...
  15. Dwarven Armorers

    I'm fully aware of the randomness of random, amongst other things I teach statistics, but the problem is the probability of my situation is now stretching the limits of credulity on the basis of the null hypothesis that they claim for the chances of winning a DA are true.
  16. Dwarven Armorers

    I play 5 cities and take them all to the top of the Spire every week. I can't remember the last time I won a Dwarven Armorer in any of them, despite winning many gold chests. Not winning in one city may easily be just a statistical quirk, but in all 5.....? There are multiple opportunities to...
  17. Question Re: Granite mining capacity

    With all visiting races it is a good idea to upgrade the portal to level 4 as a priority. It determines your visiting race goods storage capacity and upgrading a visiting race production building increases its productivity, whereas upgrading the portal increases the production rates of all...
  18. Ancient Wonders AWs as a list

    I have raised this before. At the moment if I want an overview of all of my AW and what level they are at I have to go into Elvenstats and open Elvenarchtect, whereas for all my FS members I just have to go to the members list. My AW details should be in the same listing.
  19. Emojis in chat

    Yes you can put emojis in chat, even from a Mac (Control + Command + Space) but they are so small that it is difficult to see the details.
  20. Group Cancel

    Or maybe just a general "Cancel" button that obliterates the previous decision and takes you back one step.