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  1. kurgkurg

    Answered Light Melee troops wiped - despite light melee monument in place

    Light melee is very terrain-sensitive because they need direct contact for attacking. There is possibility that their movement is impeded and even weaker enemies can destroy them with a better-range attack if your LM can't hit. Still, they are good to use in some fights, but if terrain is bad...
  2. kurgkurg

    Battle Improve fighting

    Fighting in a tournament (or Spire) would make it much more exciting and effective than we would be able to set up in detail the rules for making an automatic tournament rather than numbly clicking. For example: I want to make 6 rounds of 50 provinces (if I have these provinces explored...
  3. kurgkurg

    ... and then the TinLug said "

    Come here, little elf, I want you to show something.
  4. kurgkurg

    New round of Fellowship Adventures.

    frankly, it seems unfair that this post stands here and gets likes from others yet - A-World FA's first FS is Gold Spire FS. Some years ago they maybe didn't get gold every time, but as long as my little Tantalum has been there, none have been missed, it's over 2 years already. And really we...
  5. kurgkurg

    Answered Should I Ignore Opening Provinces When Map Shows None

    if you are active enough, maybe they will move you to better place on map soon and then you need those provinces around :)
  6. kurgkurg

    Version 1.180

    there was an update, but to version 1.179.3, still going, so this update will come later, who knows when :)
  7. kurgkurg

    Elvenar bleeding into the Real World?

    maybe this?
  8. kurgkurg

    Old Consistent

    Do you mean we need also another culture building named Orc Geyser?
  9. kurgkurg

    What is the biggest individual Tournament score?

    I don't have done 40k score, I don't have enough provinces scouted for that, but I know that for 20-25k score you need 5 of each booster, or a little more, to make a comfortable tourney. So I don't think you need more than 10 of each for 40k, probably less actually. Provinces after #50 are...
  10. kurgkurg

    Question Max Ancient Wonder level list

    I have this table in my Wonder Society spreadsheet, too long to put a picture of here :) If you really want, message me in-game, and I will send you the link. Proved in practice
  11. kurgkurg

    What is the biggest individual Tournament score?

    I'm pretty sure, most of them are inactive, old boosters. I could be the same if I wasn't desperately looking for ways to sell them. Wholesaler can work hard :)
  12. kurgkurg

    Chapter 19 Expiring/Selling Guest Race Buildings

    You can sell those buildings right after you start building/upgrading. You don't need to hold them long because you don't need them actually for production. You get white and black matter with PP. I never hold them until expiring, but I hope you can sell them after that also.
  13. kurgkurg

    What is the biggest individual Tournament score?

    Maybe you want to look at this player's scores too :) https://www.elvenstats.com/player/en3/1819079
  14. kurgkurg

    Answered shroom of wisdom

    found from US forum exact answer to your question :D (I had forget it myself): In order to make the shrooms of wisdom you need to make the orc poop. You make orc poop in the rally point with 280 psychoshrooms and 40 orc heads. You make the orc heads in the armory. You make the psychoshrooms in...
  15. kurgkurg

    Answered Chapter17 - OhNo!rium

    You don't need to have a road connection. Even more, you may teleport residences to make more space for settlement or whatever you need and go to negative pop - lets your workers work, no need to have living rooms for them to use their bonus :) Negative pop doesn´t harm your working pop.
  16. kurgkurg

    Answered Chapter17 - OhNo!rium

    I have built as many manus, MWS, and armories as I could, you don't need to use them all. Actually, if you need seeds and unurium for research or upgrades, you may have those manus just for required culture and working pop, you don't need to use them all, only if you really need, then produce...
  17. kurgkurg

    Closed | Archived Can't see my fellowship members on my world's neighbour list

    it happened recently in my W-world fs also - a temporarily inactive member is gone from the neighbors list on the map and seems also gone from the map because if I visit her and go to the map, it leads to my own city
  18. kurgkurg

    Beta Fellowship Adventures

    Actually, all my big WS and residences are also teleported for FA time, if there are one or two residences left, it doesn't help much. So that big culture bonus doesn't give me more coins and tools, that's why I prefer MH help, which still has a little benefit
  19. kurgkurg

    Beta Fellowship Adventures

    For coins is Magical Tax Increase, but it affects only produced coins, not coin instants or set bonuses. Traders Basic Plea si for t1.
  20. kurgkurg

    Beta Fellowship Adventures

    I don't see here: Feed up Storm Phoenix (works with MM spells and usually a little better boost than Aureate, but just a little) Place Stee-Infused Fungis in your city Try to get Trader´s Basic Plea spell from Cauldron