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  1. House me for a while.

    Hi Aisling1, Spirit Of The Phoenix is looking for new members as we had quite a few leave to join 10 chests a week Fellowships. We are pretty laid back but do complete 10 chests every 2nd week. Take a look at us and if you like what you see please request to join as we can certainly do with a...
  2. Active elf Orc&Goblin looking for new fellowship

    Hello zyxw, Spirit Of The Phoenix is looking for active players - read out blurb and if you like what you read, please feel free to apply. Deiray
  3. Spirit Of The Pheonix - seeking new members

    Hi All, We are a friendly and active fellowship who has recently had several members leave because they were seeking 10chests a week, this is not us. We do however try and do get 10 chests every fortnight (1600 points needed per player). Come check out information page and if you can commit to...