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  1. Announcements (from Discord)

    still no change for me and its Wednesday... still time of is it Wednesday next month
  2. You knew it was coming....

    no idea either and have no intention of using discord
  3. Is anybody out there?

    there is no link now to this forum now from my elvenar page, either discord or wiki!! the only sounds that disturb the crickets now is the brushwood rolling past
  4. Who is playing Tourney/Spire

    Checking who is playing in the Tourney can be a little time consuming. Currently Inno have added a small button next to the players name that goes green if they are online, can another button or tick appear if they have participated in the Tourney and another for the Spire? Thanks
  5. united folk

    still got a space if you fancy joining an active and friendly fellowship
  6. united folk

    still got a space if you fancy joining an active and friendly fellowship
  7. united folk

    As it says on the tin - we are looking for active players, if you want to join a great FS message any mage or myself
  8. united folk

    we have filled the position
  9. united folk

    Fancy a move up? or maybe a change? maybe even a move down? if you do then apply :)
  10. Hi

    i have had a response from a suitale player but if you want us to consider you message me in the game and I can let you know when another position opens - MZ
  11. Hi

    If you are intrested in joining United Folk please read our overview first then MESSAGE ME IN THE GAME with a brief outline of your game play.
  12. Version 1.133

    i would say it is important to mention it as it is discussed in FS and good to have aspects clarified