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  1. Power of Music trading

    Some of us learnt the thing with the Merchant a while back and instead of producing all the goods and pestering people to pick up to 380,000 of one good in increments of 8k have traded every day while building the requirements. As others gave tips for, filling the merchant spots with cross-tier...
  2. Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Just means we all know how the game works and haven't any issues, same mechanics as every chapter and some of us are hoping for more than a month in the waiting room when we finish. I like the 4* Archers, easy to train. Initially, the Merchant needed speeding up, seems plenty of people now to...
  3. Can't login

    They have been doing rolling updates my main world took around 9 minutes
  4. Looking for an established fellowship (Felyndral Only)

    Thanks, I have moved to a new fellowship already.
  5. Looking for an established fellowship (Felyndral Only)

    Just finished Halflings with only a Spring Grove. Tournaments, Spire and FA.
  6. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    I etched out 42 provinces in round one this week, many were manual so I feel for anyone trying to work with an App device. Still, province 42 cost me 12 hours training time for the number of Blossom Princess lost in that one battle. Using one each of Dwarven Armorer, UUU, MM, and ELR. In round...
  7. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Sometimes the people we accuse of being lazy are just short of time. I really think they just need to create the formula that the brief stipulated. When you see people that have always been short of playing time coming in and instead of 20 battles for 5 provinces that are now able to take down...
  8. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Sure, I can read statistics other players are collating, yet it becomes so repetitive. Things I have been reading looks like some will give you whatever it takes to be up in the top 100 weekly tournament charts. I doubt that even my gameplay would count for the majority yet there are still...
  9. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Thanks, although I have only once gone out to round 2 in the at the time all 59 provinces, who knows maybe the option of doing it again one day will be useful to me.
  10. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    I have been reading some of thing things dealing with the so-called burning all 3 training facilities simultaneously. Haven't yet seen if there will be a single queue to put our timers into or if we are going to need to expand our training size to drop 5hr timers into each individually.
  11. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Fortunately for most of us given time, we can adapt to change. It is a very long time since I put in the effort required to finish in the weekly top 100 to earn some of the ranking points and the time since has been doing what was needed to unlock research etc. Typically that involved going...
  12. Answered Stealing of AW Prize Chests

    You say in your updated post that you have a supported AW KP exchange. So what then is the problem? I have known fellowships that have swap threads that struggle to gain even the tournament rewards being invested in AW. Heard it said once that some players have a big game and a smaller game and...
  13. Answered Fellowship Adventure "cheats"

    Congratulations on bringing your team up to 5th place Martin. When they changed the quest system for FA I had said to some people that it would lead to some never seen before high-scores, we were always struck with the indexing of quests and how to get our people to work effectively. Well done...
  14. The Following

    Have we space for you? Probably yes, come chat with us and see if there is some mutual benefit. Trading goods, tournaments, fellowship based events are all being worked on here.
  15. Looking for someone special

    Tempting. I think it has taken a little under 2 years building my game to the current level. What has changed other than the prospect of upgrading those few old event buildings ? not much still sitting here 12 plus hours daily. The thought or prospect of not having to set a new personal high...
  16. Disparity in FA Rewards to Other Events

    So you mean like indexing the quests ? If you use only one and the same one all the time they don't jump causing you to lose a partly completed quest that we have all seen happen. I generally lock in one quest to the bottom quest giver and after several rotations it stops jumping up in time for...
  17. Disparity in FA Rewards to Other Events

    Is not the simpler solution to just tell your fellowship that the group is taking part and they are expected to find space and time without good excuses. Sure there will always be some that resist and your leadership group may fail to get through to the end of stage 3. Still even those of us...
  18. Elvinears are recruiting

    How many of your membership are playing daily nowadays ?
  19. The Woodelvenstock Festival!

    I seem to like the new system for the prizes, now not only a choice on trying for daily prizes, we can choose the consolation prize to an extent. No idea why I keep going after 40hr timers. Suppose the idea of a spare Wishing Well (only upgraded it a week ago), won alot of timers and AW instants...
  20. Split instants

    Different events have different time booster instants. Save the 20hr ones for when you have a building upgrade that takes 45hrs to complete and make the best use from what you win. I find the 1 or 3 minute ones useful when using spells on factories and workshops and at one change over I don't...