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  1. Online ghost

    Ahh, that was ghosts walking on the roads, Lalanya?
  2. Online ghost

    Maybe, INNO should make a Ghost chapter;)
  3. Maybe looking for an more active fellowship

    Thank you for your replies. Will check his fellowship.
  4. Maybe looking for an more active fellowship

    Hi, I might be looking for an more active fellowship that reach 10 tournay chests every week. I am playing in all 3 world and started in beta a month ago. The fellowship i am in at the moment do not do 10 chests so I can not upgrade my magic buildings.
  5. Elven Stats not updating

    Sorry, but I have that message for weeks.
  6. FA - more Fellowship would be nice

    Thay could change the badges that we did not use for spell fragments. 1 badge 500 spell fragments for example
  7. Maybe... Seeking a fellowship

    Hi, Pauly7:) I am Marun from the fellowship Portal. I sended you an in game message.
  8. Looking for new members

    Hi, Portal is looking for active players. We have a few smaller cities and we are hoping to get our old glory.Was 7th in the FA last December. Looking ofr an active player, can be also an smaller city, that like this game. Only rewquest is to gain at least 1000 points in the tournay. If you are...
  9. Petition: SAVE THE FORUM

    The Forum must stay it is from the beginning here. If thay change the game to much it won°t be Elvenar anymore.