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  1. looking for a stable fellowship

    I have now joined a fellowship - thank you to all that considered my post here.
  2. looking for a stable fellowship

    I have looked your FS up on Elvenstats and read the overview for your group Trishenelf. The only thing I did not see there was if you have an active KP exchange/swap. I did send Red Phoenix a DM asking about it and am awaiting a response now.
  3. looking for a stable fellowship

    This is what I am looking for - an active yet casual fellowship. In that I mean members are playing 5+ times per week. Also I am tech locked by choice as I am upgrading my AW's so I am looking for a very active form of kp swaps. I do not have to have a 10 chest FS - but 7 - 9 chests with a...