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  1. rock stream

    Game Freezing Feedback.

    I've encountered a black screen a couple of times now. Just reboot and all is well.
  2. rock stream

    Question Is there a server-wide scroll shortage in Felyndral?

    As a scroll producer I would say there is a shortage of scrolls/high demand for tier 2 goods. Tier 1 appears balanced. Tier 3 appears to have lower demand. This is based on our fellowship and my map (ring 15) trading group. After the adjustment to scroll supply about a year ago, I've increased...
  3. rock stream

    Production of Pet Food.

    I only look rich :D
  4. rock stream

    Production of Pet Food.

    As I only obtain 2/3 pet food a week, I simply glance at all the new or existing pet foodies and then put them in storage. The benefits of the fire phoenix and the brown bear being stuff with food haven't been matched. INNO has correct past deficiencies in CC's and spell frags, although the MA...
  5. rock stream

    Question Troop Training Numbers

    Just thought I'd show the impact of the Ludibria ventis and the brown bear (+50%) being feed at the same time. Note the collection bonus jumps from 976 to 3,685.
  6. rock stream

    Question Troop Training Numbers

    Collection bonus is from the Ludibria ventis. I see what you are saying Jake65. That is quite a reduction from one troop style to another.
  7. rock stream

    Question Troop Training Numbers

    What should be my actual troop training size. How do you read this information?
  8. rock stream

    Question Question - Twilight Phoenix

    The Twilight Phoenix joins a large collection of buildings that when feed provides a positive impact to your game. That said, I find the fully evolved fire phoenix (+50% damage/fighting) and the brown bear (50% unit production boost) to be my favorites. I never have enough pet food to keep one...
  9. rock stream

    Dawn of the Phoenix

    Where would you get the pet food for the Twilight Phoenix? I carefully ration its use on the fire phoenix and brown bear as I never have enough.
  10. rock stream

    Looking for a fellowship

    Herodite - Winyandor
  11. rock stream

    We need a native thread replacement.

    Could you provide a hint:D
  12. rock stream

    Is Elvenstats down?

    Just now it is working fine.
  13. rock stream

    The Buried City

    Yes! I got another 8 artifacts for my collection. Two+ pages of purple thingies. Since I'll never ever use a blueprint for an artifact nor do I ever have 10,000 spell fragments laying around it was one more waste of time adventure. Looking forward to the next one :rolleyes:
  14. rock stream

    Version 1.149

    Just installed the upgrade. Still 64 pages.
  15. rock stream


    To be perfectly clear...huh? You are in chapter 11 and your boosts are steel, scrolls and dust. You have started making seeds and in the next chapter you start making sentient goods. You will find that you cannot maintain 4 manufactures of basic goods while adding seed and sentient goods...
  16. rock stream

    Player Movement - New Changes

    While it is always nice to look at concise data when offering observations, I don't believe it is warranted in this matter. You stated the obvious reason "it won't do any good" nor will "proof" matter. I'm more comfortable speculating on what the objectives are or aren't and seeing if the game...
  17. rock stream

    Player Movement - New Changes

    Jack, the last accurate information was from Herodite in the thread " World Map Player Movement Changes " Jan 24, 2022: Hi @Laurelin, Thank you for your patience whilst I got some more information for you! Q1 & Q2: The BIG MOVE hasn't finished as such. What HAS finished is the moves over a...
  18. rock stream

    New 'Neighbours' tab

    The "neighbours" tab is sure great for KP hunting/looting. Spend 20 minutes pick-up a dozen 20 kp instants. Love it. I only used the notifications for NH.
  19. rock stream

    Runeshard Changes

    The shard to kp exchange AND the easier "Neighbourly Help" (see news from Beta) changes that are coming indicates that INNO is making the KP hunt a part of the game. As Killiak indicates the only governor is the "anti-pushing system". Once you fully understand the system and how easy it is to...