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  1. Winter Magic 2021

    Someone has said in a Facebook comment that there will be no FA following this event. Is this something that has been confirmed by Inno anywhere or is it just the poster's opinion?
  2. Question I can't log on via the online interface

    It seems to be fixed now, thank you
  3. Question I can't log on via the online interface

    Curious. I can't get in with either Chrome or Edge which I thought was IE with a new name.
  4. Question I can't log on via the online interface

    Thanks Herodite. I just thought it was worth posting here as I couldn't see a mention and it owuld let people not on Facebook know. Fyi I use the online interface not the app.
  5. Question I can't log on via the online interface

    There's a problem logging on. Judging by chat on the Facebook page I'm not the only one
  6. Second City, regular participant in spire, tourney & FA

    Did anyone get back to youo. If not contact FInwren or me on th game
  7. Merlin's Menagerie are recruiting Spire, tournament players ahead of the FA

    One of our long-standing players has just announced that he is quitting the game and two others seem to be inactive. We're therefore looking to refresh our membership ahead of the forthcoming FA. In the tournament, we have been a 10-chest fellowship every week since the new system started last...
  8. rewards for quests I have not completed

    Thanks Geordianna for starting this thread and Silmaril for answering it. I think I was going to finish the event questline anyway but this has certainly helped.
  9. Upcoming Tournament Changes June 2021

    I think that once people get used to the system it will work well. As each province in the tournament returns the same type of relic, then what people interested in a particular relic can do is fight every province in the first round out to the province(s) with the relics that they are...
  10. Upcoming Tournament Changes June 2021

    I think the KP change is a big improvement. It means that in fellowships with a fairly typical set of KP message threads it will be easier for players who are research blocked to use their tourney KP in the threads
  11. Merlin's Menagerie is recruiting active players who are keen on tournament, spires etc

    HI everyone, Merlin's Menagerie has been getting 10 or 11 chests every week in the tournament since September and are looking for new recruits to help us get 12. We've also been getting silver in the spire every week since some time around New Year. And we had our highest placement in the last...
  12. Fairy Queen's Garden - Event

    It's workign now
  13. Fairy Queen's Garden - Event

    Same in both my cities using the web browser.
  14. Merlin's Menagerie is recruiting one or two players

    Merlin's Menagerie is a friendly fellowship that has been getting 10 (or more often) 11 chests in tournament since September and the sIlver trophy in the fellowship since January or so. We're looking for new members who are keen on both. Our target scores for both are up in the air at present...
  15. Merlin's Menagerie is recruiting an active chatty player who likes the tournament and spire.

    We are recruiting again. We're looking for keen tournament players and prefer an interest in the Spire too. We are still ocntinuing our runs of 10 oir 11 tournament chests and silver in the SPire. We still recommend messaging me (elfkeldorn) or Finwren (the archmage) rather than positng here
  16. Merlin's Menagerie is recruiting an active chatty player who likes the tournament and spire.

    Hi Merlin's Menagerie is recruiting at least one player at present, possibly more. We've been completing 10 or 11 chests for several months now and have also been getting Silver in the Spire for several weeks. We would like to recruit someone who can participate in both weekly activities and...
  17. Merlin's Menagerie is looking for chatty tournament players

    Merlin's Menagerie has been getting at least 10 chests in the tournament and 7 group rewards in the Spire since late September or early October. In each of the last four weeks we have gone one better either getting 11 chests in the tournament or 8 group rewards (and therefore the silver trophy)...
  18. Any size city invited to join friendly 10-chest Fellowship Merlin's Menagerie

    Hi everyone, Merlin's Menagerie is working on its tenth 10-chest tournament in a row. We also finished in the top 50 and got all three map rewards in the recent Fellowship Adventure and have planned silver pushes in the first Spire of each month although also achieved an unplanned extra Silver...