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  1. Booff

    Chapter 21 The Vallorian Legend

    I have it in my news as well
  2. Booff

    Current fellowship mage inactive. Sadly looking for new FS

    Just cleaned house of in-actives here at Trendor's Reach. We have a few openings atm.
  3. Booff

    I Wonder how many....

    Completed Chapter 20, 27 AWs 491 levels Easily auto-fight to the top of the Spire and cater 98% of 20 provinces in tourney- At what point is it suppose to get hard?
  4. Booff

    newbie here!!

    Try joining a fellowship and you should get lots of help.
  5. Booff

    Trendor's Reach has one opening

    Daily player needed to reach top of Spire and participate in all FS objectives The door is open-come on in.
  6. Booff

    Answered Chapter 20. Upgrading Harmony Grove to level 4.

    Don't be shy with teleport spell and a good time to clean up those older cultural buildings
  7. Booff

    Fellowships FA and The Pit

    Never fails at the end of the FA I am stuck holding plenty unused badges- if only I could toss them into the pit for even 1 pt so I don't feel like I waisted my time
  8. Booff

    Answered Cannot Buy Expansions

    Try singing it out!
  9. Booff

    Answered I have just gone into chapter 15 Elvanar

    oops sorry https://idavis-elvenar.com/
  10. Booff

    Chapter 20 - The Power of Music

    I teleported Armories until I had the required amount Good thing I had over 100 teleport spells also if anyone needs the questline for chapter XX https://idavis-elvenar.com/
  11. Booff

    Answered I have just gone into chapter 15 Elvanar

    Here is an excellent source for all Questlines and other info
  12. Booff

    Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    I'm just glad I had a whole stack of coin rain-like I said "had"
  13. Booff

    Partial Research Completion

    At one point I had 3 buildings upgrading only to save the mana and seeds for after decay
  14. Booff

    Question Magic workshop query

    I hope you have lots of blueprints-once you upgrade your Magic workshop from lvl 10 to lvl 23 you will receive plenty of supplies
  15. Booff

    recent returnee

    When will life ever be normal again?
  16. Booff

    Returning player looking for fellowship for self and friends

    Okay I have a different IP and I invite Shammy. I then invite his mate to my fellowship and you are saying I am breaking the rules because that is what I was plan on doing. I sent the invite yesterday. Daily active players are hard to find sometimes. We are short three atm Then again I...
  17. Booff

    Returning player looking for fellowship for self and friends

    I was going to suggest to my wife to start playing, share some quality time but now I Will have to force her to move out and get her own IP, if we want to play together in the same fs. Prolly just as well. What was I thinking?
  18. Booff

    Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile

    What I really want is the questline for XIX please
  19. Booff

    Wouldn't it be nice?

    Well I guess it's just me that finds it all easy now that I've learned how to fight and when to cater but I suppose others find it challenging