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  1. erebus

    Allegiant Galaxy *REC (EN2 - Winyandor)

    Hi folks, it's been another season, and we have seen some players come and go. Currently we are seriously short-handed but still feisty and plugging along. This might be a good opportunity for a merger with members of a smaller aspiring Fellowship, or for unbound players who are keen to move to...
  2. erebus

    Allegiant Galaxy *REC (EN2 - Winyandor)

    Hi here folks, We've been an established fellowship for a while now, but have recently lost a few members due to this "real life" thing that people keep talking about. : ) We understand that the game comes second to that, so we wish them well.. but this means that you could find a new home with...
  3. erebus

    Other Gendered honorifics

    Autumn, you'll always be my Beneficent Collaborator •́ ‿ •̀ In more gendered languages than English I could see it being a big hale attempting to rework things. I think a few people have also missed that binary gender (m/f) is not always a reality for some folk, so greeting "both" sorts of...
  4. erebus

    Other Gendered honorifics

    Noble Hero? "Hello Adventurer!" (someone might get that reference) I have encountered the character dialogue with {user name} inserted in a few different online games, so hopefully that could be integrated 。•́‿•̀。 I have entirely too many non-binary, gender fluid, gender non-conforming...
  5. erebus

    Other Gendered honorifics

    I have noticed that a lot of the NPCs presume gender and I wonder if the dialogue could be altered to be gender neutral? I'm not really a "Sire" or "my Lord" type person. I wonder, would our male players be reacting to this if they were called My Lady, or Domina? Maybe something fawning like...
  6. erebus

    3 star trades

    I often trade to round my resource numbers, and trade across tiers (I swear I'm not evil!) and so I occasionally find that the suggested trade is a 3 star because my awkward numbers are not easily rounded by the software. A broader threshold would stop this from happening, and if it was a...
  7. erebus

    Please make PC login more prominent

    I used to find it very difficult as I had been playing on my phone. I had to search for some time to find the login in the right corner, as there was the panel that asked for the username large in the middle of the page. I am vision impaired though, so anything that helps accessibility is useful...
  8. erebus

    3-word game

    falter, we will
  9. erebus

    Question Old Winter Set

    I'm very glad to see recipes for evolution Artifacts in my Magic Academy, and as prizes in the Spire. I started in the Mermaids and hung onto my first piece for nostalgia value. I think that if there is a couple of years between the option to originally get something and its resurgence, it...
  10. erebus

    Playing since 2019 - only just joined forums

    Hi, Pauly7. Your name precedes you ;)
  11. erebus

    Hello There!

    Oh wow. Thumbcats are so nifty. ♡ Welcome!
  12. erebus

    Playing since 2019 - only just joined forums

    Hello there, lovely folk! I'm erebus, and I'm Fellowed in ♡Allegiant♡ I'm in New Zealand and we are just heading into wintery months, just in time for the Elvenar spring and rebirth festivities, and the long hot summers of Whispering Trees, and magical growth. I hope to stick around in the...
  13. erebus

    New to the concept of forums

    There are people I know playing Beta, we get news that way. I always thought of forums (fora?) as being a good place to share ideas and observations about the game, with other fans of the game, rather than being tempted to talk at my friends who don't play *chuckle* It's much more rewarding to...
  14. erebus

    Elvenar Enigma

    I don't think anyone is ignoring you r question : ) The competition is to foster fun in the community, so they want as many people as reasonably possible to get a chance to try and guess the answers. Short answer; No, they will not close it early, and the competition will end on the 7th May at...
  15. erebus

    Elvenar Enigma

    I have submitted an entry. Can I try again (same thread)? Does a new try replace the original guess?
  16. erebus

    Noticing little details.

    Yep.. there was a thread in an online group I am in saying that most people seem to find traumatic childhood movie moments bring to mind Simba's father... a whole bunch of us show of age by saying.. "oh no no.. Artax!" I did notice the Elvenar art looking undeniably "Bruce" for the Halloween...
  17. erebus

    Question Reaching to missing players

    I think that there are a lot of people playing who have chronic health problems and (possibly) terminal illness. I think it is possibly the beauty and pace of the game that makes it an attractive place to retreat to, without having to stress hard about forging ahead, unless you should choose too.
  18. erebus

    Noticing little details.

    I just encountered the existence of Marlo the turtle. I looked at the name and wondered why it was spelledl like that, and then I realised it was familiar. Just going to swap some vowels a second, and we end up with Morla (from The Neverending Story). Are there any other characters inspired by...
  19. erebus

    Druid quest giver

    Maybe I'm a dictionary? :P Daikon in the ghetto..? Sounds legit.
  20. erebus

    Druid quest giver

    Has anyone noticed the druid quest giver for the FA? She's holding a daikon radish(?) and a staff, and her name is Shephard Sahlina. Trying to figure out what a shepherd was doing with a big white radish.. and I realized.. no.. she's Shephard, not shepherd.. so what's a shephard? .. is it kind...