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  1. Declare 2000 Statutes

    Quite right, thank you very much :)
  2. Declare 2000 Statutes

    Hi can anyone please advise me how to Declare 2000 Statutes in chapter 16 for quest?
  3. Answered AW stacking

    Do Needles of the Tempest and Victory Springs help each other? Is it beneficial to have both? Thanx
  4. Answered Sorcerers & Dragons

    Should I keep my Weeping Willows from the previous chapter to keep producing Mana, or will the new buildings supply enough Mana? Please
  5. Question Dwarvin Statue

    TVM Thagdal and Skyrider :))
  6. Question Dwarvin Statue

    Hi, what is a dwarvin statue and how do I get it. I looked in wiki and at my culture builder, but cant find it?
  7. Question Culture Bonus

    Thank you :))
  8. Question Culture Bonus

    What is the best/ideal culture bonus to be aiming for, is 180% that much better than 135% ?