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  1. cwgiii

    Answered Comparison / Listing of all evolving Buildings

    Laurelin listed it in her post as "here" Please see below: https://sites.google.com/view/public-druids/evo-stats
  2. cwgiii

    Evolving Buildings

    Perfect! Thanks to all who are working to continue this effort
  3. cwgiii

    Answered Comparison / Listing of all evolving Buildings

    YES! This is Perfect. Thanks so much for posting this Laurelin. And for Karvest (et all) for continuing the work!
  4. cwgiii

    Answered Comparison / Listing of all evolving Buildings

    Sorry about the duplicates. I have not normally shared links like that. User error.
  5. cwgiii

    Answered Comparison / Listing of all evolving Buildings

    https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/comparison-listing-of-all-evolving-buildings.14073/post-98045 This was RainbowElvira's last update on the tread I was reffering to: https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/comparison-listing-of-all-evolving-buildings.14073/post-98045
  6. cwgiii

    Answered Comparison / Listing of all evolving Buildings

    I also noticed that I "do not have sufficient permission to respond" to RainbowElvira's original post (even though I had been able to post there in the past). I am not sure if it has been locked or not, but it would be a shame if RE was not able to update there, for whatever reason.
  7. cwgiii

    Answered Comparison / Listing of all evolving Buildings

    That is fine. Anyone with additional information is welcome to reach out to me directly as well. Thanks Herodite.
  8. cwgiii

    Evolving Buildings

    In addition, the more complete data can help decide if it is worth advancing to a new chapter or not, inclusive of many other points of data (I am sure, like AWs, etc.)
  9. cwgiii

    Answered Comparison / Listing of all evolving Buildings

    It does help. Thanks to you. .but something more complete would be ideal. As described there as well.
  10. cwgiii

    Evolving Buildings

    This is good information. But I was looking for more complete data. For some of the structures, I do not have enough to evolve up to level 10, and I have chosen to stay at level 16 for now. This is a good example why RainbowElvira's resource was so valuable for anyone to make the best...
  11. cwgiii

    Answered Comparison / Listing of all evolving Buildings

    So, it seems that RainbowElvira is no longer playing. Her resource was incredibly invaluable for decision making to determine the best evolving building to place for particular resources at particular points during the game. I believe she was able to post data up to Boblin's Express Service...
  12. cwgiii

    Time to say Goodbye

    Such a loss will be felt far and wide. You team's information has been invaluable. Thanks for the years of effort, stress, and coordination. I cannot imagine the energy that you have exerted to do what you all do. Thanks again and enjoy your new lease on life!
  13. cwgiii

    Question Sister Fellowships

    There are potentially many benefits. (disclaimer: I do not belong to a group with a sister fellowship) The main one that I can see is recruiting. There are soooo many play modes for individuals. Some folks play daily/hourly while others play more casually. Folks may change the frequency of...
  14. cwgiii

    Is Elvenstats down?

    I just tried and had the same issue. I reported the problem on their site.
  15. cwgiii

    Question Comparison / Listing of all evolving Buildings

    Incredibly valuable resource! Thanks for all this work.
  16. cwgiii

    New to Elvenar, used to play Evony

    Patience, patience, patience.... Read and use the Wiki as a constant reference... If you choose, there are several independent websites out there that give tips, tricks, strategies, advice, and spoilers.
  17. cwgiii

    Question Perks - reset?

    Even with the resources indicated by Herodite, it can be confusing. Experience can be a great teacher. You get 1 free reset per month. There is no harm in trying it out to "feel" the mechanics for yourself.
  18. cwgiii

    Ancient wonders

    I do this for the AWs that I have no intention of keeping/advancing (hence the deletion afterwards). For the AWs that I do wish to keep/advance, I upgrade them to the next 5th level (one of the rune circle levels, with fully filled KP), then I wait until I need runes for a different AW that I...
  19. cwgiii

    The Forbidden Ruins

    I did see a post/message from one of the creators of GoK. If memory serves, they lost several of their key fellows that worked the web site. Unfortunately, it has not been updated in an optimally timely way since. I hope it does not simply stop as some other player created resources have done...
  20. cwgiii

    Ancient wonders

    Another method that I used very early on (even before I created my fellowship) was to look at the AWs that my neighbors had (newbies as well), choose the particular AW that I wanted to focus on, and then do the math to see how many KP I needed to contribute in order to acquire that particular...