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  1. Answered Magical Manufacturing

    Hi am I supposed to be able to put a pet food on my Witty Raccoon it looks like I should be able to but it won't let me? Thank you.
  2. Answered Lists of quests

    Hi Is there such a thing a a list of quests for all chapters of the game anywhere for me to read?
  3. Answered Quest line in the fellowship adventure

    Thank you very much for your reply. :)
  4. Answered Quest line in the fellowship adventure

    Hiya does anyone know the requirements to get the quest line Heirs of the Elvanar the one for the fellowship adventure we are doing atm? as on one world I have it and on the other I don't.
  5. Question Blueprints

    Hiya where do I find blueprints, have looked ahead at the chapters and I can't find them. Thanks in advance for any info :)
  6. Question How do I close an account?

    Hi can anyone tell me how to close an account, I play 3 worlds and want to close one of them. Thank you in advance for any help.
  7. Question Shroom of Wisdom

    HI, thank for the reply duh never thought about the portal needing upgrading lol. :p
  8. Question Shroom of Wisdom

    HI, In my research tree I have a quest Sinister Cerberus that requires 800 Shroom of Wisdom but I can only produce 600. I have built 3 Orc rally points and have upgraded 1 of them, I have also built 18 mushroom farms and upgraded them to level 2 and it still only lets me produce 600. Is this a...