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  1. Runeshard Changes

    WHY oh why have Inno made a complete Dogs Dinner of this system. 1. There should be unlimited passing of KPs by members within a FS 2. If we are going to have a limit ,,,then think of the first question you ask a Bank manager when they complain you are overdrawn,.BY HOW MUCH.????????.. there...
  2. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    I bet most of those requiring an Evolver need the Phoenix !!!!
  3. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    But like everything else...GIVE FOLK THE CHOICE !!!!
  4. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    ABSOLUTELY...it might allow those who have all those other EVOLVING buildings to be of some use....
  5. Visiting

  6. Winter Magic

    Best statement I've come across this event ;);)
  7. Visiting

    Where is the latest status thread on this enhancement ???
  8. Answered Challenges - Mini-Event Guides

    Wonderful !!! Many thanks !!!!
  9. Answered Challenges - Mini-Event Guides

    Could some kind soul direct me to an overview of the upcoming Challenges mini event with specifics relating to points per successful build in manufacturer (e.g. T1 3,9, 24,48) and enhancement deployment, points required per iterative prize and overall points to complete the whole event (I guess...
  10. More Fighting Buildings to Craft in Magic Academy

    Why don't they just have 10 or 15 to choose from in the menu ?? Or does that seem too simple a solution...
  11. Elvenar's HTML5 client

    How difficult would it be to add two more options to the Context Menu 1. Copy (Highlighted text to Clipboard CTRL-C) 2 Paste (Clipboard contents to cursor location CTRL-V) It would just make life easier for so many late night players ;-) Cheers
  12. Carnival

  13. Carnival

    The Marths to me seem a bit askew/ 1. You need 180 flags to get the 5 Set prizes. 2. This requires 60 Purple chests @71 => 60 * 71 = 4,260 Candies. 3. All sequential quests plus daily quests plus 12 pickups per day = 2,145 +770 + 260 = 3,175 4. This leaves a shortfall of 1,085...WHICH you have...
  14. Answered 10 x Tournament chests

    So if length of queue is determined by Armories (which extends the Run time) and speed of production is determined by Barracks (and AWs such as Needles) am I to presume your Barracks are not upgraded very far....CONFUSED ????
  15. Answered 10 x Tournament chests

    So how many squads should you realistically be going in with at say a mid level Fairies (Chapter 7)...is there any Rule of Thumb ??
  16. Answered 10 x Tournament chests

    Many thanks, yes..I forgot to ask but by inference it seems that an upgraded suite of 3-4 Armories and consistently upgraded Barracks as against the Squad upgrades of the Research menu should approximate 3 hours.?? For 9 hours then 10 Armories would seem a necessity ??
  17. Answered 10 x Tournament chests

    So, here we are, September 2018. Has anyone got any suggestions on how a reasonably active (and Boosted Goods balanced) Fellowship should go about hitting on the door of 9-10 chests per Tournament. There have been various 'little' help replies in the forum but nothing as far as a compendium (or...
  18. Closed | Archived Golden hands

    Beats me how this was released live when Beta already found the Bug ???
  19. Version 1.59

    ME TOO !!! Grrrrr!!!!