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  1. Elven Stats not updating

    I love rearranging my city when I start a new chapter. I usually use Elven stats to update my current city layout. then draw it into elven architecht.However for the last 24 hours I have been inable to update my city on elven stats. I get this error. Please advise if I am the only one with...
  2. Discussion Beta News from our Test server

    I have elvenar on my mobile device. I recently joined the Beta platform but cannot access beta from my mobile. Please help
  3. Construction

    Thank you Pauly7.
  4. Nicovelli is recruiting

    I have planks , silk and Gems as boosted. In my current alliance only 6 to 8 members are active
  5. Update Discussion Version 1.126

    I'm happy with the changes. The scout indicator is a bonus! Go Team!
  6. Construction

    I have used Elvenar architect. I found it cumbersome. I also play forge of empires from the same game designer. In FOE there is a tool for construction built into the game that allows you to remove all your buildings and roads and try new layouts for your city. I would love it if Elvenar had the...