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  1. Question vitality surge

    @essjay50 the vitality surge instants are used from the battle results screen after combat in any world map, tournament or spire encounter where you lost troops
  2. Question Blueprints

    @unicorn You can win 1 blueprint per week from the tournament, the blueprint is found in the 10th chest of fellowship rewards.
  3. too little for too much :

    @FatehpurSikri the sip of clarity will allow you to re-spin what is on offer in the MA. they can be won during events or from the reward chest at the third gate of the third level of the spire. @Jocular Jack I've also noticed recently that the number of booster buildings in the MA seems to have...
  4. Runeshard Changes

    @Alcaro @SkyRider99 While in another player's city open the dev tools, then open their list of AW's. Then scroll to the top of the list and select the JSON line (see image below) Follow the open arrows (click on the arrows next to 0, responceData, ancientwonderPhases, 12(or any number that...
  5. Question Joining a new FS rules

    @Hekata If a new player joins after the spire has started but before the tournament begins then they will have their score count towards the fellowships tournament total and will receive the awards that the fellowship wins, they will not however receive awards for the spire if they join after...
  6. Question Spire - FS rewards?

    Yes, @SkyRider99 each level has 4 stages of rewards, each stage (or waypoint) is equivalent to completing 1 gate (4 spire encounters) for manual play, as your fellowship reaches each subsequent waypoint each member that has reached or passed that waypoint will receive all previous rewards (If...
  7. Quest list for chapter 19

    @Lissette a guide to chapter 19 revenge of the exile can be found at: https://cavalieridellozombiaco.blogspot.com/p/la-vendetta-dellesiliato-capitolo-xix.html The page and site that the guide comes from is in Italian so you will need to translate into English.
  8. New artwork - splash screens

    @SkyRider99 No. A city on 1 world has no access to the inventory of a city on another world (A city on Winyandor can't access the inventory of a city on Arendyll). The only way they would interact is that both cities would share the same diamond pool.
  9. Question How does rune shard feature work

    @Zenna I believe that the limit is an anti-pushing feature.
  10. The Forbidden Ruins

    @schadenfreude it is possible to get the full set without using diamonds in my opinion. I only need another 9 staffs to complete the set and haven't spent any diamonds on currency. Between the remaining quests, login bonus and hourly drops I should get enough currency to finish the set. I do...
  11. Ancient wonders

    You're Welcome.
  12. Ancient wonders

    Rune Shards won by completing a world map province (random shard for a unlocked wonder), some tournament encounters and as possible prizes during events. The broken shards can be acquired when a shard breaks on the rune wheel phase of wonders, from buildings (such as the sleepy titan (found in...
  13. Elvenar Love

    @Herodite Thanks, I thought that was the case but wanted to be sure.
  14. Elvenar Love

    The competition says that there is 10 images (of buildings) yet there are only 7 (Buildings) shown, which is correct number?
  15. Bears and Phoenix

    I agree that these are all must haves for serious tournament and spire players, and think that the best way to do would be to add a 6th crafting slot in the MA which caters to the crafting of Evolving buildings and their artifacts. The price to craft them should scale with which chapter the...
  16. So long and thanks for all the Poo

    @Gargon667 You unique (and Orcish) way of looking at things will be missed. Good luck with what you do next.
  17. Question Relics

    @Aisling1 Depending on your boosts either Boblin's express service evolving building evolved to stage 8 (Gives boosted plus 1 relic) or the pilgrims manor from the pilgrims manor set (boosted plus 2 relic) with enough of the set buildings placed. Both give 1 relic from the Crystal, Scrolls and...
  18. Question Magic Academy Crafting Slots

    @Silly Bubbles A list of what items can be crafted in each slot can be found on MinMax's site . I don't think that this list is fully up to date, but it should help. If you crafting an item such as a combat booster building then the other 4 slots will change but not the item in the building slot...
  19. Question Fellowship Perks reset consequences...

    Yes @Sir Derf you will be able to use your stored Tournament points as I understand it after a reset, you will not be able to store any more tournament points until you take the tournament perk agin.
  20. Scoutable - but locked!

    You have probably scouted but not cleared all encounters in one of the provinces bordering the province that is locked As you can see from the images above I have a few scoutable but locked provinces.