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  1. Sitara Brightstar

    Ice Warriors are recruiting

    We have now filled one space but have four left due to losing a member to real life commitments. If you like a laid back, quiet Fellowship, please check us out :)
  2. Sitara Brightstar

    Ice Warriors are recruiting

    We currently have 4 spaces available and happily accept players of any level as long as they are active and will contribute to the weekly Tournament, Spire of Eternity and FA's. Ranking we are 124th on the server, 103rd for the Spire (bronze) and 69th for the FA. We always get at least the...
  3. Sitara Brightstar

    Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!

    I am another of those lurkers, although I am on the Forum almost daily looking through information. But generally feel I have little to add to things, so do not comment often. I will not be joining Discord, as I do not like the threads and how that works there, which means I will also be missing...
  4. Sitara Brightstar

    Looking for a FS

    Hi Raghalthor, we have some availability in Ice Warriors and always welcome newer city players, if you would like to join us, you are most welcome!
  5. Sitara Brightstar

    New Player who is still getting the hang of this game seeking a Fellowship.

    We have two spaces available @HiLegendOfficial, check us out: Ice Warriors or find me in game :)
  6. Sitara Brightstar

    New but enthusiastic player, daily gamer

    We have a couple of vacancies @finzles at Ice Warriors for when you unlock Fellowships in your Research.
  7. Sitara Brightstar

    Looking for Members

    Hello:) We are the Ice Warriors and seeking players who are active on Arendyll and interested in a no pressure Fellowship. We are quite active in the weekly Spire and Tournament as well as the Fellowship Adventures. Currently we seek 6 players to join us, after the latest FA. Please message...
  8. Sitara Brightstar

    3-word game

    already morning and
  9. Sitara Brightstar

    3-word game

    Gloopy looking wasteland