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  1. Capricia

    Room available in Fawlty Towers!

    The Hotel Management is pleased to announce that another room with a sea view is available. We offer 10 KP daily, a tourney, and a spire archive, plus an additional 4 hours to return visits. We are asking for 1600 points in the tourney and to reach the lab or higher in the spire. Please book...
  2. Capricia

    Magic Highlands is recruiting!

    Do you like being active in Tournament, Spire, and FAs? You can do 1600 points in the Tournament and aim to reach the Laboratory in the Spire. We manage 11 chests in the Tournament and silver in the Spire. Our FS is open; you can join us directly. We would love to welcome you to Magic...
  3. Capricia

    Fawlty Towers has room for you

    Do you fancy being in a place where every room has a sea view? Then you should come to Fawlty Towers! We are looking for active players who can make 1600 points in the tournament and go in the spire at least to the High Halls, or better to the Laboratory. We are doing well in the FAs and...
  4. Capricia

    Magic Highlands is looking for members

    Two of our members stopped playing due to a busy real life. We are still achieving silver in the Spire and our weekly Blueprints. Your city size and level do not matter. Important to us is a friendly attitude and passion for the game. Please contact me in the game, or join us directly...
  5. Capricia

    Seaborn, seeking active players

    Seaborn needs active members that are interested in doing spire and tournaments as well as Fellowship Adventures. We accept any level and we will help you with growing your city. Please contact Jaqq, Focase or Najibster if you are interested in joining us. Thank you Capricia