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  1. Skallywag

    Gambling is evil, is addictive and destroys the lives of people.

    Social media apps like Facebook, Google searches, things of that sort can track your browsing history, what you search for, click on, etc. Unless you are very careful in how you block those apps, what tracking cookies you allow, etc. that information is available. I'm not saying the Elvenar...
  2. Skallywag

    Gambling is evil, is addictive and destroys the lives of people.

    Where are you seeing this, is it in the browser version? Wouldn't any ads you see are going be based off of your tracked browsing experience?
  3. Skallywag

    New round of Fellowship Adventures.

    Sweet! There's nothing so exciting like starting FA's right at the beginning of a new chapter...
  4. Skallywag

    Closed | Contact Support Adjusted unit hit points and damage not displaying

    Is it me? Using the browser version, I'm looking at my unit stats, and in the window that shows the stats if I highlight hitpoints for instance, the popup that comes up now only shows "Regular Hitpoints," it does not reflect AW bonuses, Dwarven Armorer, etc. Same for the Damage stats, not...
  5. Skallywag

    User Interface Path highlighting in the FSA

    I like it. Just the ability to turn on and off the highlighting for each waypoint would be nice. It would also be nice to be able to turn on a path prior to the start of the event. By the time someone is available to highlight a path, badges are sometimes already being placed, and wasted.
  6. Skallywag

    Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Record #4 - Pets

    No, his total lack of movement is due to him being tired out following a prolonged squawk.
  7. Skallywag

    Autumn Zodiac 2022 in Beta

    I feel like I never have enough pet food.
  8. Skallywag

    Version 1.158

    As a person just playing the game, it really signifies nothing. For developers, it can be used to identify exactly what code is in a particular version -- useful for debugging. That's about it. +1 for being an Amiga person BTW :cool:
  9. Skallywag

    Answered Portal profits not profitable - Chapter XIX

    As it is, PP's are a dime a dozen. With every new guest race, I exit the chapter with more PP's than I enter it with. The last two chapters I finished using only my 5% PP's, didn't have to touch the larger denominations...
  10. Skallywag


    Making room for the next guest race?
  11. Skallywag

    Answered Teleporting a production building

    I can't imagine the production continuing. I've teleported factories back and forth plenty of times, as memory serves it always has no build going after you summon it.
  12. Skallywag

    Discussion Huh!?

    I figured it out based on context, but that's not a phrase in the States :)
  13. Skallywag

    Dwarven Bulwark AW

    Shrewdy Shrooms requires armories to really shine, so with only a few armories Dwarven Bulwark is better. But what you really need is SSS AND the DB as high as you can get them. Lean SSS if you have the armories, otherwise DB.
  14. Skallywag

    Discussion Huh!?

    (Quickly googles "holding thumbs.") Oh, you mean fingers crossed!
  15. Skallywag

    Best fighting units

    I agree with most of what @MinervaOz and @Laurelin said, although I tend to use HM in many situations simply because I have the troops and want to use them. And while using manual fighting, and scouting the battlefield beforehand when using auto fighting is ideal, I usually just don't have the...
  16. Skallywag

    Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    That's likely the difference then. I would get 2-3 coins from visiting all my neighbors...but I've got 49 pages of neighbors. I assume since your city is smaller that's one of the differences. I also have all magic residences, and at the time had a lot of culture buildings. With all the...
  17. Skallywag

    Discussion July 2022 Fellowship Adventure - Feedback

    The Coins badge was due for a correction, as are the guards and wonders badges. It caught us by surprise how difficult it had become, but comes across to me as hyperbole to say it was " ridiculously disproportionately difficult." Maybe your experience was different, but it wasn't the badge...
  18. Skallywag

    Easy Preparations for the next FA

    @Laurelin I believe @Lymhir's usage of the word elucubrate was intended to elucidate, rather than obfuscate.
  19. Skallywag

    Easy Preparations for the next FA

    TL;DR this entire thread. My goodness people. Maybe you need to prep for coin collection, maybe you don't. Again, TL;DR, but did anyone mention the Coin Rain instants? We were able to produce Sacks of Coins at will using Coin Rain instants. That worked for me, but so did casting EE's on all...