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  1. Fyrebird

    Changes to Spire Rewards - BETA

    I'm sorry, am I not understanding these comments correctly? Why the hate on the Stonehenge? Sure, in early game a pretty mediocre building, but later game and I'm excited to have another mana/seed producing building. Isn't that the strategy: to evolve the buildings that were helpful to us and...
  2. Fyrebird

    Spire imbalance for cities in later chapters

    proof that patience wins every time!
  3. Fyrebird

    Spire imbalance for cities in later chapters

    Gargon667 thank you so much for giving me such a detailed response! I realise now that my problem is not so much dealing with the Spire as adjusting my mindset from standard goods to sentient goods productions and all the challenges involved with having a later game city. I was still 'small...
  4. Fyrebird

    Spire imbalance for cities in later chapters

    @30158729 thank you for taking the time to check out my city on elvenstats, i'll now direct my questions to you (if you would indulge me :)). I see that moving forward there is a lot more demand on sentient goods and seeds, less on standard goods... is this an ongoing trend? I also see you have...
  5. Fyrebird

    Spire imbalance for cities in later chapters

    I am now reminded why I don't often write in forum. Here I am saying I'm struggling and all y'all can do is flex. People, I'm not a noob, I understand the difference between setting up your city for catering strategy or fighting strategy. Do you think that because Spire came into the picture...
  6. Fyrebird

    Spire imbalance for cities in later chapters

    I've just started Constructs. I've always fought the first level of spire, but due to the great incentive of getting phoenix artifacts, I've completed the spire for a few weeks now. This has really highlighted several issues for me: Enemy troop size - unless you are fully boosted with dwarven...
  7. Fyrebird

    Update Discussion Discussion: New Spìre of Eternity rewards.

    Let me just say I am so relieved with this decision! I love the idea that now players are able to evolve buildings that previously they could just craft. My next question is: will INNO decide to offer other artifacts in spire... like on a rotation basis? Because that would rock! Actually any...
  8. Fyrebird

    Fantastic Beasts - does 10 chest call to you?

    We're a well established, competitive team who have sadly lost one of our longest playing members. Now we're back on the market again. We reach between 10 - 11 chests in tourney every week and top 50 every FA. Occasionally we have a mad streak and go silver on spire. We help our smaller players...
  9. Fyrebird

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures - May Contain Beta Spoilers!!!

    I'm sorry to be the wet blanket here, but is anyone else feeling very pressured by the back-to-back fellowship adventures? I mean, the last one was beginning of October! And now we have to deal with a major paradigm shift of how to deal with a new one... my brain is melting! Rather than feeling...
  10. Fyrebird

    Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    Really? :oops: Did you have to make it so confusing? Surely you understand that we have better things to spend our time on than figuring out how to play an event that's just going to give us bad prizes... thanks, but no thanks... I'll be sitting this one out.
  11. Fyrebird

    My barracks is a TARDIS

    I laughed way too hard at this ;)
  12. Fyrebird

    Old Phoenix artifacts

    Can we please petition for an extension? Since the FA ended I have not had any opportunities to get artifacts in 3 of my cities. This is a little bit of bs as far as I'm concerned and has more to to with "May the odds forever be in Inno's favour"
  13. Fyrebird

    Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    Maybe I'm being a potato, but I cannot find any information on this. Does it have to be 9 of the same artifact or can it be a mixed bag?
  14. Fyrebird

    Looking for a fun, active team?

    After the holidays a few players never returned so we are looking for active, enthusiastic people who'd like to be a lil competitive, a lil fun: • We support all our players, helping those who need resources or advice. • We are competitive in tourneys • Top 100 in Fellowship adventures (that...
  15. Fyrebird

    Answered How is the "Senior Game Moderator" selected?

    I'd also like to point out to the 'skeptical' that @Rilian is a BOSS at what he does. I got a really quick response to a ticket I had sent and he actually bothered to read the issue details on forum as well... this over a weekend no less. He certainly gets my vote ;)
  16. Fyrebird

    Answered Tournament scores

    When you go to Elvenstats, search for your fellowship. You will see a tourney history, as well as well as a weekly report which covers all player growth & individual tourney stats. You can also look back to previous reports.
  17. Fyrebird

    Winter Magic

    Judging from the 39 pages of animated discussion about the Autumn event and the dismal 3 pages here I tend to agree with you. Its sad that we are looking back fondly at a horrid event. Have players become so despondent about events that they just don't care? What did Inno expect? They have...
  18. Fyrebird

    Answered forum question - how to upload signature images??

    After a buttload of digital fighting with links, hyperlinks, code and trying out a variety of different hosting sites... it works and moderators can close the question. For those who'd like the answer, imgur creates code for each uploaded image, copy the BBCode link and just paste it directly...
  19. Fyrebird

    Answered forum question - how to upload signature images??

    My signature does not have a direct upload option, only the html link so unable to... which is weird as my normal posts i have direct upload option. But thanx for your advise, I have now contacted support
  20. Fyrebird

    Answered forum question - how to upload signature images??

    I have now tried with a jpeg... still not happening, i don't get the message, but no response, no upload. What is the permitted file size?