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  1. QFol2

    Spell duration visible mobile

    Yes, this has irritated me for a long time!
  2. QFol2


    TSK = Two slimy kippers BH = Builder's hut C = Culture CC = Combining Catalyst
  3. QFol2

    FA Pit Graphics

    Didn't realise it did that - I play on 80% zoom though so haven't had this problem
  4. QFol2

    Answered At a standstill in early game

    I agree with everything the others have already advised - if you are new to the game, I'd always recommend joining a decent fellowship to learn the ropes properly before setting up your own. Recruiting members is hard enough when you know what you're doing, and there's a lot more to playing the...
  5. QFol2

    Lucky Little Fin

    The kp will disappear - I recently visited a city I've let lapse that now has expired buildings and none of them had the last payout ready to collect
  6. QFol2

    Question Upgrading wonders

    No, it costs kp to upgrade them so if you plan to remove them after upgrading them, you have wasted kp. The only reason to build a wonder you don't really want is to empty out the broken rune bar so you can then refill it for use in a wonder you do want - the Tome of Secrets is good for this. If...
  7. QFol2

    Grove of Ancient Oaks

    Having finally said goodbye to some long gone friends, we have three spaces to fill in the Grove. Although we have no minimum performance requirements, we do like our 10+ chests every week, and we are heading towards gold in the spire, so we are looking for players who will contribute a decent...
  8. QFol2

    Event Avatars - gender related

    If that's the case (I don't pay attention to them as I'm never in gold league) then yes, it's a bit rubbish really!
  9. QFol2

    Event Avatars - gender related

    I'm not sure people pay much attention to appearance of the avatar - I have in the past had the most obviously feminine-looking avatars in the game, yet still get called dude (although possibly this is now gender neutral) and bro. Some are pretty ambiguous - some I thought were definitely female...
  10. QFol2

    Lucky Little Fin

    That's good - when I had the same problem after I started a new city on the updated tech tree, I was basically told tough - end of the line. Glad to hear they've changed their response on that one.
  11. QFol2

    Looking for f/ship in Felyndral

    I (well, as Quercus of the Grove) have messaged you in the game, Druiiida. We have space in the Grove of Ancient Oaks, and we're a friendly bunch :)
  12. QFol2

    Elvenar Recipe Competition!

    What does 'the account that won on your MARKET server' mean?
  13. QFol2

    Question Event Quest 25 : Gain 400 Spell Fragments ?

    Crafting is a new technology to research, I think, that comes in a later chapter (chapter 3) than the magic academy (chapter 1). Until then, all you can do in the MA is create the first enchantments, but you cannot disenchant anything. In the app, the button is greyed out, and in the browser...
  14. QFol2

    Question Event Quest 25 : Gain 400 Spell Fragments ?

    No, they didn't. It was the day before the end of the event so didn't matter much, but the answer was no, tough, when I asked (not from this account, but another new one)
  15. QFol2

    Question Event Quest 25 : Gain 400 Spell Fragments ?

    You can't on the new tech tree if you haven't researched crafting (separate and later than the research to get the MA). I had the same problem in the previous event and I'm pretty sure that was the gist of the quest that stopped me going any further.
  16. QFol2

    Grove of Ancient Oaks

    Once again, we have a few vacancies in the Grove of Ancient Oaks in Felyndral. If you're fond of tournaments, the spire and a good team player, get in touch with Calibrea or Quercus of the Grove.
  17. QFol2

    Dawn of the Phoenix

    My new city (in another account) got stuck on quest 28 - gain 600 spell fragments and no alternative. I'm around 20 (or just under that now) techs away from crafting so cannot disenchant anything until then, and no other way to get them. Not bothered about artefacts as I don't really want a...
  18. QFol2

    Minor differences in the progress before Chapter VI.

    Just a note that the tips in the loading screen are no longer accurate - have just had one saying the spire is available in ch3, which of course it no longer is in my new city
  19. QFol2

    Minor differences in the progress before Chapter VI.

    Complete the whole thing, no. Obviously not. But being able to have a go, even if it was hard, was actually a great experience for a bunch of new players. If I remember correctly (and I think we are talking about the FA in Nov 2019 when the fellowship was founded in the Oct) we managed to...
  20. QFol2

    Minor differences in the progress before Chapter VI.

    So you have a whole fs that can't complete it. Sounds worse to me! And means you don't get much option to start a fs from scratch with a new city and see how well you can do