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  1. Stucon

    Fellowship Adventure

    OK. You can go off people you know! lol
  2. Stucon

    Today's Song

    Make sure you watch video to the end
  3. Stucon

    3-word game

    light of a
  4. Stucon

    Disappearing cities on World Map

    Probably dew to the fact that they knew you had never worked in a dessert!
  5. Stucon

    Disappearing cities on World Map

    If only there was dessert!
  6. Stucon

    3-word game

    the dark side
  7. Stucon

    Discussion What keeps YOU playing Elvenar

    Who ordered the straitjacket?
  8. Stucon

    Discussion What keeps YOU playing Elvenar

    Is the Raccoon a giant? or are the 'people' in the car tiny?
  9. Stucon

    Discussion What keeps YOU playing Elvenar

    A fabulous Fellowship and all the Elfs and Humans on the forum
  10. Stucon

    Buzzing Spring event (from Discord)

    I wish all you bee lovers would buzz off! lol
  11. Stucon

    You knew it was coming....

    That's correct @OldHag , east is to the right.
  12. Stucon

    You knew it was coming....

    I think I am in the middle somewhere. I seem to have a high turnover of 'new' cities.
  13. Stucon

    FA - more Fellowship would be nice

    Don't boast. They will make it harder. Personally I never have enough Wonder Soc Badges. :wink elf::wink human:
  14. Stucon

    2024 - Autumn Zodiac Event Survey

    no we don't (in a very small voice, I typed gently).
  15. Stucon

    Question Worth of Power of Music Ensembles

    My ensembles don't appear to be of any benefit to me. I create bars using Portal Profits. I have 3 of each atm but I have decided that I will not be completing the tech quests any further. Any reason that I can't transport them to my Inventory? Strawberry ales for helpful responses
  16. Stucon

    Limit number of trades

    Hey folk Methinks you doth forget whence you were small and only starteth in ye game
  17. Stucon

    Maybe... Seeking a fellowship

    Welcome back @Pauly7
  18. Stucon

    Answered How to strengthen army

    Fab answers here @dennise, I love the AWs @Lelanya mentioned. Also make mine do 100 push ups every morning hahahaha
  19. Stucon

    Block/hide unfair traders

    'but people take them and that's my strategy' is how one person described what they do. Grrrrr