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  1. Improve information in summonings

    Add to the information for each building to show what CCs or RRs you get if you sell them. That way we could judge whether to sell or disenchant.
  2. Collect all button for FA

    How about a collect all button for the badges in the FA. Its really silly having to click for every kind of badge.
  3. You knew it was coming....

    If that was Inno's plan @Anni-Lizzie it definitely backfired . I have spent quite a lot of money in the past but when the AW changes hit I decided never to buy anything again. There's no way I can get large amounts of RRs so as soon as I hit that level on an AW I will be stuck for eternity.
  4. Fellowship Adventures

    I've decided not to participate in any more FA. The rewards just aren't worth the stress. I'm hoping the other members of my FS feel the same way so I don't feel guilty for not helping.
  5. Fellowship Adventures

    Why does everyone keep saying Beta? It's the live worlds not Beta.
  6. Answered How to strengthen army

    One of my FS is asking how to strengthen his army as they die quickly in battle. I'm a pacifist so I know nothing about troops. What advice should I give him?
  7. Beta Fellowship Adventures

    I've decided to opt out of future FAs. They're just not worth the stress and disruption to my cities. I hope I can persuade the other members of my fellowships to do the same, so I don't feel guilty about not helping. But guilt or not I'm not taking part any more.
  8. You knew it was coming....

    I think that 50% reduction was just for chapter 21 @SkyRider99
  9. All these posts are so old. This is NEW, URGENT!

    Which server and world are you in?
  10. Question Problem with builder

    I had a street to put it on but the building didn't appear so I could place it. It appears to be stuck in the builder. I'm hoping support can fix the problem.
  11. Question Problem with builder

    I refreshed the game but it's still blocked. My other builders finished and I built 3 workshops with no trouble. I can't sell the building because it won't appear in my city. It looks like I'll have to get onto support.
  12. Question Problem with builder

    I tried to build a workshop and got the message 'no street'. I don't understand why I would get this and there appears to be no way to cancel the build. Will i be stuck with only 4 builders for eternity? My other builders are all busy so I can't check if this is a one-off problem. Has anyone...
  13. Answered Amuni quest

    Thanks @Jake65 that did the trick.
  14. Answered Amuni quest

    I just started Amuni chapter and I have a quest to deliver 5000 orcs. I have no idea what this means and would appreciate some help.
  15. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Any bets on when we get the next diamond sale?
  16. You knew it was coming....

    Thank you @Silmaril, it's good to see that we will get new benefits in events. This will take a long time to implement however and players need relief now. Players in low level cities don't have the resources to upgrade AWs. Small fellowships can't reach the levels in the spire and tournament...
  17. You knew it was coming....

    @Silmaril Inno might be asking for feedback but they certainly don't pay any attention when they get it. I have yet to hear a positive comment about the AW changes. As for testing on beta, this change hit the live worlds 1 week after beta. There is no way they could have tested it adequately...
  18. Barracks

    I have just started ch10 and I have a quest to upgrade the barracks to level 24. The barracks in my ch13 city is at level 12. Why is Inno demanding a massive increase so early in the game? I am a pacifist and never fight so the only thing I use the barracks for is gaining troops for the event...
  19. You knew it was coming....

    If they don't tell us their grand plan pretty quickly @Silmaril there won"t be any players around to read about it. I will be lucky to upgrade 1 AW a year and that"s only if the wind is behind me. I'll probably have problems crafting too. I have played for 2 years and spent a lot of money but...
  20. Early collect for mana

    It seems to be everything except evolving buildings and AWs. The length of time and size of the production don't make a difference. It seems to be about half the production but I haven't compared elapsed time to see if that takes half the listed time.