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  1. Gargon667

    Question What Ancient Wonders should I build first?

    ToS!!! By far the most powerful AW early on! Upgrade it to lvl 6 as soon as you can (and don´t bother with any other AWs until you do, none of them will help you nearly as much, I would say). Later in the game (in maybe 2 years or so, when you reach chapter 15) you will probably want to delete...
  2. Gargon667

    Question New member builders hut deal

    I am not sure either, but I think it´ll pop up rather early, but certainly not when you login for the first time, so I would expect it within maybe the first week or two of playing, and I think it´ll pop-up again later if you don´t buy it the first time around. However it may not come back if...
  3. Gargon667

    Beginner's Guide to Elvenar

    Maybe add a section on how horribly inefficient WS buildings are until chapter 15 (actually for regular WS even after that, but Magic WS become a useful building) and that every alternative source of supplies (crafting instants, AWs, event buildings, playing events for supply instants, etc) is...
  4. Gargon667

    Beginner's Guide to Elvenar

    I would say that´s because catering isn´t really an option for the most active players. And those are the people writing the guides as well as reading them... I have done an experiment coaching a perfect catering city through the game from day 1. Worked amazing for the first 5 or so chapters...
  5. Gargon667

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    what´s a few years more or less among friends?
  6. Gargon667

    It's quiet...too quiet.

    No need to spend money in this game for anything, unless you want to catch up with ranking scores top 1 quickly lol.
  7. Gargon667

    It's quiet...too quiet.

    An active player shouldn´t have trouble finding a more ambitious FS than that. Aiming for higher goals would also mean you have people around you that play faster and therefore will be able to help you get through the difficulties you have, honestly there isn´t much in terms of blockages until...
  8. Gargon667

    So long and thanks for all the Poo

    Sorry to say Orcs don´t travel with Poo, they can always make more wherever they go... But don´t worry it´s biodegradable! Also The most beautiful of all flowers, aptly named the stink-flower, grows wonderfully on old Orc-Poo piles. So whenever you travel past my old haunts, you will be able to...
  9. Gargon667

    So long and thanks for all the Poo

    I would counter that I would have quit earlier if I had to go through those boring chapters just to make tourney play worse. As it was, I hang on longer than expected as tourneys at least were easy to do :) If I thought playing chapters would bring the fun back and get me excited about the game...
  10. Gargon667

    Elvenar Love

    Love it! Will put it on endless repeat on my mp(most pungent)-poo player!
  11. Gargon667

    So long and thanks for all the Poo

    Thanks for the kind words dear elves and humans or shall we just make it easier and say tasty morsels? No sorry wrong persona.... ghosts don´t eat, I believe. Last time I had a ghost persona must have been 20 years ago...I have forgotten how to be a ghost... And in a parallel universe I am...
  12. Gargon667

    So long and thanks for all the Poo

    So I figured I´d write a quick goodbye message which in good old Orc style turned into an epic tale of legends, which then had to be cut down because I ran out of stone slabs to chisel on lol... So one fall day a good 4 years ago after much campaigning and pillaging a lonely Orc settled down...
  13. Gargon667

    No Spire mystery chests

    The blue one is by far the most common, that is intentional. I don´t remember the exact odds of getting each one was it maybe 70, 20, 10?
  14. Gargon667

    blueprints in spire

    I want free beer! In the tourney, the spire and every other tab of this game!
  15. Gargon667

    Version 1.145

    that looks useful :) If I can revive a squad of units in province 75 of a tourney that is a whole lot of units i don´t have to make again :)
  16. Gargon667

    Frustration at lack of Fellowship Adventure

    what @Pauly7 said until we get any evidence saying otherwise, there will be an FA after the current event and it will contain the artifacts for last event. As usual when there are two back to back events, we always get a set in one of the two events which does not need artifacts in the following...
  17. Gargon667

    Custom Fellowship ranks

    As long as the AM can be the clown I am all in :D
  18. Gargon667

    Inspiring Meditation

    Maybe because there are people like me that use only 2 or 3 of them (in a lifetime of playing the game) and couldn´t care less? But sure if it makes the game better for you I´ll support it :) It sure is by far the most boring of all enchantments (and that is saying something) and I´d rather have...
  19. Gargon667

    Event Graphics

    So your already bidding on my dead and stuffed body? I know I am old, but I thought I had a bit longer to go than that...
  20. Gargon667

    Solo Fellowship

    I am pretty sure I could get all 3 chests done by myself, but if you are nuts enough to even try that you definitely belong into a competitive FS ;)