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  1. Killiak

    Discussion What keeps YOU playing Elvenar

    "Almost nothing" is an answer, even if it's not the desired answer.
  2. Killiak

    Discussion What keeps YOU playing Elvenar

    I only log in for the Spire / Tournament, to keep supporting the FS. Nothing else. Inno just keeps mucking around, then acts like they did something great when they slightly tone down the massive and very ill-received changes. Lost my interest something fierce, especially with the continuous...
  3. Killiak

    Celestial Encounters - chapter 22 info (from Discord)

    Careful there Herodite. Disney owns the Alien IP these days, so this is a very quick way for Inno to get sued by the Demon Mouse.
  4. Killiak

    Curiosity about the SoE and Tournament difficulty variables

    Effectively, make sure your troop production can keep up with your loss.
  5. Killiak

    Announcements (from Discord)

    Have an unenthusiastic 'yay' from me.
  6. Killiak

    Announcements (from Discord)

    Oh hey now Hekata, just pull out your credit card and buy some resources! Even better, just link it to your mobile phone of choice and one-click payments are just a fingertap away! I do so very, very, very much HATE this ever progressing mobile-ificiation and monetization style.
  7. Killiak

    You knew it was coming....

    A poor change remains a poor change. The cost in terms of Fragments, CC and RR is still FAR higher than it used to be when it was limited to just two ancient wonders. Turning up the costs to 11 and then tuning it down after the backlash might even be seen as a tactic from Inno to make this...
  8. Killiak

    Announcements (from Discord)

    Which means that instead of having increased the spell fragment costs of AW's in the game ludicrously, astronomically even, it's now just at insane levels. Which means the whole AW change is still horrible, still crappy and still causing long term players to just straight up quit out of sheer...
  9. Killiak

    Is anybody out there?

    Activity in the game and on the forum go hand in hand.
  10. Killiak

    You knew it was coming....

    I have barely logged in over the past weeks, the season and the event are passing me by. Clearly, my interest and passion has been waning since this change (and everything that happened after) Perhaps not what Inno wants to hear, but you are losing people.
  11. Killiak

    You knew it was coming....

    So Inno planned to keep the cost structure the same twice before, but this time for sure we plan to not change it again. Basically, it will change again in a few years time. Ancient Wonders have always taken weeks and weeks of time, months even regardless of the cost structure. Until I...
  12. Killiak

    You knew it was coming....

    I logged in today, saw that offer, and had to laugh a little. Every prediction comes true.
  13. Killiak

    You knew it was coming....

    Just to make things clear for Inno; the latter is NOT a request by the players to put these resources in the cash shop.
  14. Killiak

    You knew it was coming....

    I will comment as well; Armories are the most efficient for ranking points per square. That is why they got built so much, in the race to be in the Top X of players.
  15. Killiak

    You knew it was coming....

    Where exactly in this "players have been asking" can the part be found where they asked for AW's to be changed in such a way as this update does then? Of course this question is rhetorical. We all know that players have not asked that, nor would they ever ask that. What the players really ask...
  16. Killiak

    Video Ad's

    I refuse to click them, or use any of the features pertaining to adds. If I watch an add, Inno gets rewarded for it. I see not a single reason why, with the current state of the game and the recent update, Inno should be rewarded for their terrible decisions.
  17. Killiak

    You knew it was coming....

    Where was this feedback? I have *never* seen feedback that has asked Inno to murder progress, make AW much harder to obtain for early and mid-level players, and generally drop players into negative culture so deeply that it is near impossible to get out off. What barriers? Again, where was...
  18. Killiak

    One Last Plea to Save the Forum!!!

    Hear Hear!
  19. Killiak

    Merry Christmas One and All

    Merry Christmas to everybody! and to the forum, may it live long and prosper!
  20. Killiak

    New Round of Fellowship Adventures!!

    As always, I cannot wait for it to be over. High effort for extremely low reward, which doesn't pull a FS together any more than a Spire or Tourney does. So eh...