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  1. Morning Town

    Happy New Year 2024

    Bliadhna mhath ùr!
  2. Morning Town

    Spire issues

    +1 reboot, cache cleared, problem persists edit: if home radio button clicked there is a long pause circa 20 seconds then goes to home screen, similar pause if quest button clicked during freeze
  3. Morning Town

    Event Announcement: Whispers of the Soul - October 24 to November 10

    Much appreciated by all my FS @Killiak
  4. Morning Town

    Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!

    Well done @C-Nymph and thank you for your updates and efforts, on all our behalves :)
  5. Morning Town

    Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!

    Well said @Herodite and many thanks for "sticking with" the EN forum ;)
  6. Morning Town

    Petition: SAVE THE FORUM

    Morning Town +1
  7. Morning Town

    Release Note Version 1.184

    Indeed, many thanks C-Nymph
  8. Morning Town

    Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!

    Well said McBratty.... I am a mage in my fellowship and it is part of our role to rootle through the forums and announcements (we have a number who play beta and again keep us update) and forward/highlight to our excellent (but busy in RL) Fellows, we monitor EN and other language forums (we...
  9. Morning Town

    Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!

    Discord, by its design, encourages chat and therefore casual interaction. In many Discord servers, members chat about daily lives, share recipes and weather reports and silly memes, tell funny family stories. It’s community, social media in the literal sense. The official Elvenar group, however...
  10. Morning Town

    Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!

    yet another "lurker" emerging from the trees. I will not be joining "Discord", whilst any cyber exposure is a risk, the extreme increase in risk of the "Discord" 3rd party product, which is outwith the control of Inno, is in my opinion not justifiable..... to reference a cyber security provider...
  11. Morning Town

    The Cauldron

    Inno: "and if by studious data collection efforts and deployment of excellent math wizards, you do appear to be achieving insight to the mechanics and/or strategy - it will change with no notice, as if by magic, for no apparent reason" .... and it will still be working as intended ;)
  12. Morning Town

    The Cauldron

    Exactly my concern! As I have not researched the tech, will I stay on the "classic" recurring quest line or will it change to the "cauldron driven quest" anyway. Any "no believers / holdouts" in beta aware of the ramifications of this contumacious act of player comportment? Maybe it will be...
  13. Morning Town

    The Cauldron

    so... "the cauldron will start to be involved with quests and requirements starting from January 31st, so if you haven't already, go and research it NOW!" forum thoughts please... I have not researched, to this point, not that interested for my game play - it appears to be "strongly" indicated...
  14. Morning Town

    The Cauldron

    Oh dear this was bound to happen at some point o_O At the risk of incurring a large dose of Mods wrath while "slightly" meandering off track... Ahhh but that would incur a royal refusal based on Konev's inspiration at the 1976 Barking & Dagenham Open. As I am sure you all know, no moves with...
  15. Morning Town

    What do you want for Christmas?

    snowy paths for the festive village / period - does look "strange" with snow around summonings and sandy tracks :)
  16. Morning Town

    New rune donate button - PC users

    Thanks for forwarding & letting the forum know Herodite :)
  17. Morning Town

    New rune donate button - PC users

    Could I suggest that consideration be given to relocating the "new" rune donate button for all (PC & App) users - it it immediately to the right of the KP instant donate button and if mis-clicked it immediately donates the rune (15kp). As you will guess I have indeed mis-clicked today and over...
  18. Morning Town

    So long and thanks for all the Poo

    Playing - respected Fading away - regretted
  19. Morning Town

    No Spire mystery chests

    Have made third level, several times, with no chests....then chests start to appear on the the lower levels when working through third level floors.
  20. Morning Town

    Mention Which Improvements You Like and Love About Elvenar!

    Not having to "cycle" through badge collection selection in FA o_O