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  1. Petition: SAVE THE FORUM

    Princess Rhaenys +1
  2. Answered Elementals Layout

    Perfect!!Thank You both so much!!
  3. Answered Elementals Layout

    Thank you for the links and advice! This was the layout I was following..But of course it doesn’t work with my water manifestation going down six as opposed to going across six,and three deep you see..
  4. Answered Elementals Layout

    I have just started Elementals and having researched layouts it seems that the Manifestation of Water although 6x3 is presenting if the six side fits neatly under the canal after the portal.However,my manifestation of air is three across and six down as opposed to six across and three down!That...
  5. Brand new

    No worries!Thats fine!Happy Gaming!❤️
  6. Brand new

    Hi there!And Welcome to the Game!Our Fellowship Moon Dragon Avengers would love to have you join us if you are interested!I too have only been playing a few months and the experienced members in this friendly,relaxed Fellowship have helped me so much already!The benefits to joining a Fellowship...
  7. Recruiting now!

    Play daily?We do too!Come and join our fun and friendly Fellowship JLCAvengers! Contact our Archmage Willieman and Happy Gaming!