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  1. MinervaOz

    Insane mana requirements

    @Pauly7, early in ch 21 squad size is 9061 - that's having completed the SS upgrade which is at the start of the tech tree, and all optional upgrades completed. (There's another upgrade about a third of the way through, which I haven't reached yet.)
  2. MinervaOz

    Answered Maximum perky points

    @Herodite, is there any news on this?
  3. MinervaOz

    Fellowship Adventure

    From Discord via FB: "Brace yourselves! From June 20th to June 26th we will start a new round of Fellowship Adventures, so get your Fellowships together and grab some nice rewards! There'll be new rewards: Map 1: Ancient Wonder Knowledge Points 15, Carting Library, Time Booster 10m (x10); Map...
  4. MinervaOz

    2024 Dwarven Event Survey Results

    I can't remember what all the options were but I'm certain there was at least one that was better than barracks HR. :confused:
  5. MinervaOz

    2024 Dwarven Event Survey Results

    That explains why I didn't see it in game either (I rarely log out, at least voluntarily). I did see it on FB but have no memory of what I voted for. Could someone post the results here, pretty please?
  6. MinervaOz

    Whiskers of the Past

  7. MinervaOz

    Is it easier to upgrade Ancient Wonders now?

    I see what you mean! After intensive investigation [:)], I found that when you scroll by hitting the 'Right' arrow, Flying Academy gets bypassed. At least, on mine - might be another one on someone else's. To see them all you have to scroll by dragging the bar.
  8. MinervaOz

    Answered Maximum perky points

    We have. I was going to ask if the mods were aware of any plans to either introduce new perks or add levels to the current ones. In the meantime we just keep amassing experience points.
  9. MinervaOz

    Baroness Estrella's Masquerade

    I hadn't seen that before - it's really pretty! That's a +1 from me.
  10. MinervaOz

    Discussion A new Moderator has arrived!

    Welcome @Serenity :)
  11. MinervaOz

    Armouries & Required Culture

    Your army camp squad size - which is increased by research - only applies to provinces on the world map. It is not a factor in tournament or Spire fights (other than its contribution as a mandatory tech).
  12. MinervaOz

    Armouries & Required Culture

    It depends on your strategy, but I'm fast coming to the view that serious fighters now need more amouries. I'm assuming 'serious fighters' time boost most of their troops and they aim to keep the total training time above 20 hours, to take advantage of 20 hour boosts. When Shrooms was dependent...
  13. MinervaOz

    Elven Stats not updating

    It's working now.
  14. MinervaOz

    Elven Stats not updating

    It always happens when there's an upgrade. When I looked there was an explanatory notice - it's not on every page and I can't find it now - but basically someone has to log into every server to update Elvenstats, and that takes a few days.
  15. MinervaOz

    Answered What is the Sealed Peace Treaty

    As @OldHag says it's produced in Scrolls manufactories. It's the 9 hour ascended good production so the manu has to be at least level 34. There are a few chapter quests for specific items that work if you produce your boosted good instead (assuming it's not your boosted) - I completed them...
  16. MinervaOz

    Collect all button for FA

    YES!! I'd forgotten that. I think I only played a few FAs with that, and then they changed it to the current format. It was a lot longer before they did away with the single collection thing.
  17. MinervaOz

    Collect all button for FA

    It took years of pleading for the current system to be introduced, so I won't be holding my breath for this. For those who don't remember: we used to have to collect each badge one at a time. Not type of badge - actual individual badges. And the surplus (residue, bracelets, coins - everything...
  18. MinervaOz

    Answered How to strengthen army

    And don't forget Vitality Surges - the Witch Doctor produces a 10% one daily, and the Moon Vendor (if fully connected) a 5% one. These add up over time. And of course the bigger ones are craftable. They won't help win battles but they make your troops go further.
  19. MinervaOz

    Question Worth of Power of Music Ensembles

    Yes you can transport them. Their only use (if you're not making bars) is to upgrade the portal. If you have the Vortex at level 10 (I think, since the AW changes - was 14 before that) then you don't need to upgrade the portal to level 4 to complete the tech tree. But if you're not going to...
  20. MinervaOz

    Answered How to strengthen army

    1. Through research. Each promotion either increases attributes (attack and/or defence ability) or adds new ones. 2. Defence - their ability to survive when attacked - can be increased by upgrading Sanctuary/Martial Monastery or with the expiring booster buildings Dwarven Armorer or Unleashed...