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  1. Answered Sentient goods factories in chapter 14

    am currently ploughing through this chapter. having 2 precious sentient goods manufactories armed with MM spells, and just a single t3 manufactory works perfectly well in my case. the race goods for research take a long time that these 2 sentient manufactories are sufficient. just an aside...
  2. Question How does 'Squad Size Upgrade' make fights easier?

    In the beginning chapters, i used to notice enormous fluctuations in difficulties associated with province encounters. These upgrades made them see-saw from extremely hard to easy. But after getting to the guest races and having fire phoenix and other booster buildings, i suppose any gains with...
  3. Answered Elementals Layout

    thanks for this map, hopefully allows me to complete quest requirements.
  4. Answered Production times

    100 / h implies 100 marbles are produced per hour. So, in 24 hr, you will see 24 x 100 = 2400 marbles. Hope this helps.
  5. PoP goes the workshop

    Your enchantment bonus is 2.6 times the sum of regular production and culture bonus.
  6. List of Ancient Wonders and Benefits

    Yes it is absolutely brilliant content. Hope this content makes its way to discord.
  7. Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!

    another lurker here, would like to thank all those regular contributors on collating information or answering questions on various topics, and especially love reading others' opinions on what wonders to build, or what not to (Enar).
  8. Culture Bonus Maths

    The above formulation works well for me. Can anyone confirm if it is still valid, or is there a newer formulation ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Cauldron Recipes

    I used the term diploma to refer to the effect. And I read Silly Bubble's guide. There is mention of 25 % reduction in cost of witch points with each diploma. Think that's the reason higher chapters allow for greater number of ingredients in the mix. Anybody can confirm ?
  10. Cauldron Recipes

    Jake65, are you referring to ingredients or diplomas, because I have the same number of ingredients as Silly Bubbles, which is 12. My point is, I can only slot 13 ingredients into my recipe while remaining within my witch points limit, by choosing the lowest costing ingredient each time. In...
  11. Cauldron Recipes

    I notice that you have 22 ingredients. I can currently input a maximum of 13 ingredients without resorting to diamonds. Is this chapter related ? Am currently in Halflings. Also, does success rate increase with chapter ? I dont remember ever touching 75%.
  12. Technology tree arrow logic

    The mobile app works in a similar fashion.
  13. Answered Fire Phoenix?

    The fire phoenix base should appear in the magic academy (MA), in the first crafting column, others might be able to shed light on whether it is in rotation or not. The artifacts too will appear in the MA, in the last crafting column. These will cost blueprints and spell fragments (3 BP and 10k...
  14. Ancient Wonder showing as having zero effect

    Thank you, worked like a charm :-)
  15. Ancient Wonder showing as having zero effect

    Herodite, cleared the cache, issue remains.
  16. Ancient Wonder showing as having zero effect

    Hello, this issue has arisen after an update to the mobile app. Reinstalling the app did not solve it. Any other suggestion please ?