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  1. Why is fighting worse than when I first started?

    Blurgh, it irritates me that I can pour so much space / so many points into upgrading the Martial Monastery and Needles of the Tempest, upgrade multiple Armouries, and have multiple buildings that produce different types of troops (plus newly having a Lvl. 10 Fire Phoenix, and using things like...
  2. Sorcerers' Homecoming event

    I really hope you do this! Putting in my petition for you guys to do this! (in case I can't get all the pieces in this event).
  3. I got my Fire Phoenix to Level 10!

    Just a little post to celebrate. I only crafted it recently in the MA and then built it up with relics from the Spire, transmuted relics from an Event and more relics available in the MA! All without spending a dime.
  4. Elvenar...You´ve got a real problem with Scrolls....

    It doesn't make sense from a financial perspective for them. It will just end up frustrating Scrolls boosted players who will then leave the game and hence stop spending money on it.
  5. Other Gendered honorifics

    @erebus - your creative suggestions are really good! :)
  6. Fairy Queen's Garden - Event

    It seemed like it but I wasn't sure! Feedback to those creating the Event: please, please reinstate the higher troop numbers for prizes found in prior Events, that was my main motivation for playing them! (alongside pretty daily prize buildings).
  7. library set building and other ...

    What do the Brown Bear and Polar Bear do? Thanks.
  8. library set building and other ...

    Can't they just fix the Library sets so that different Goods are produced? So for 1/3 of the players it's Scrolls, another 1/3 it's Crystal and the other 1/3 it's Silk? That would solve the problem!
  9. Sentient goods hoarders

    I will say, I do find blatantly unfair trades a little distasteful... and yes, I never take them!
  10. Fairy Queen's Garden - Event

    I wanted to ask - in the recent 2 / 3 Events, are we getting fewer troops than usual as prizes? Thanks.
  11. Rise of the Phoenix Cult

    Overall I enjoyed the event but would have preferred a Goddess of Wishes / Ferris Wheel instead of a picture of a bird as a reward for completion ;)
  12. Noticing little details.

    I know the one you mean... it's too painful to even think about... :'(
  13. spire reward change

    Does Needles of the Tempest only boost the fighting power of some troops? Which ones? Thanks.
  14. Good bye from me as well.

    Darn, another helpful and informative poster leaving! Take care and all the best!
  15. Goodbye

    I found your posts helpful, Lelanya. If you ever decide to return, there are people here who appreciate you!
  16. Update Discussion Discussion: New Spìre of Eternity rewards.

    I am really happy with the fact that I am able to earn Fire Phoenix artefacts in the Spire. I also greatly appreciate the ability to turn two artefacts in the current Event into one Fire Phoenix artefact in the Magic Academy. Not interested in any of the other alternatives though e.g...
  17. Moonstone Library and crafting

    Not me. In the city where I have two full Moonstone Library sets, no Moonstone Set items are showing up in the Magic Academy. But in my two newer cities in which I don't have most Moonstone Set pieces, the Moonstone Library has turned up for crafting in my Magic Academy in both. Waiting to see...
  18. Question Is Elvenar a trading game on mobile?

    Yes, I never realised it was optimal to use all the same troops until I started reading here!
  19. Question Moonstone Library in Magic Academy

    I noticed this is showing up for crafting in the Magic Academy. Will the other items required to complete the full Moonstone Set also be showing up for crafting in the Magic Academy? Thanks!
  20. Update Discussion Discussion: New Spìre of Eternity rewards.

    Another question for you all: is the "fighting bonus" of the Fire Phoenix only activated when you feed it Pet Food? Thanks.