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  1. McBratty

    Disappearing cities on World Map

    I got moved on Winy after being surrounded by gold mines for absolute ages. I was delighted till about a month later when they took all the people and left me again with sodding gold mines! I swear there are aliens involved here!!
  2. McBratty

    No Retreat is Looking For You!!

    Presently looking for a Spire enthusiast to join our gang. If you are interested, contact me either here or ingame. Remember to read our requirements and if we sound like the place for you then send us a message. :)
  3. McBratty

    New Game Features The Purge

    +1 from me! This would be a fabulous way to swap all those artifacts we have tons of that others desperately want. Make it a whole day so as to allow for global time differences.
  4. McBratty

    2024 Dwarven Event Survey Results

    I do actually log out of the game every day and always have done. Would the time difference factor into this as there is a 7hr difference between me and UK ( not sure what it is to Germany). Not to worry being as all these announcements now point to Discord Im not going to see the information...
  5. McBratty

    2024 Dwarven Event Survey Results

    Yes I always get the newsletter with event currency etc.
  6. McBratty

    No Retreat is Looking For You!!

    Once again we are looking for one person. You need to be absolutely rabid about the Spire and reach the top every week. We also require that you score a minimum of 2k in the tourney. The FA is usually voted on and its a choice of either not doing it at all or else going for the stage rewards...
  7. McBratty

    2024 Dwarven Event Survey Results

    I never recieved news about this at all be it pop up or otherwise. Its starting to look like these news broadcasts are not actually being recieved by everyone
  8. McBratty

    2024 Dwarven Event Survey Results

    I can honestly say I never recieved any pop up about this event survey. I always log out and the only popups I ever get are about Inno trying to sell diamonds or event buildings. Any news I get, is via the trumpet icon. I only play on pc. So at least two of us never recieved this 'popup' asking...
  9. McBratty

    Lounge discussion

    Test lol
  10. McBratty

    I am looking for six active players to join my playground, it doesn't matter if your city isn't huge, join my fellows and it soon will be

    Rose for this to be more effective you need to give some information about your Fellowship and your goals. Also what you require from someone who might want to join you. The more information you give, the more effective your advert will be. :)
  11. McBratty

    the forum needs updating, there's nothing but old posts. Surely there's new posts, with folk looking for f/ships. This is boring

    It also might help if you keep your Subject line short and put the info you want to impart in the body of the message.
  12. McBratty

    Discussion A new Moderator has arrived!

    Hiya and welcome to the madhouse Serenity. You will need to keep an eye on the Immortal One...he is forever up to all sorts of tricks! :D
  13. McBratty

    Spire New Feature

    It really is pointless. If we want the overall FS total for the Spire when its finished, then that info is in the Global tab for the Spire. This useless tab is just basically prettying up the exact same thing. People want to see individual scores so we can have a moan about who isnt pulling...
  14. McBratty


    Congratulations Oh Immortal One!! Does this mean you are going to start roaming the forums feeding off all the joy and positivity we continually throw around? I hope someone else reaches Immortal status soon or you are going to get incredibly lonely talking to yourself!
  15. McBratty

    Buzzing Spring event (from Discord)

    Todays daily prize is....wait for it now.....a 5% PP!!! I mean, my god, Inno have gone above and beyond with that generosity! I nearly died of excitement when I saw that for today! I cant wait to try and use as many of my event currency as I possibly can to get this fabulous prize!! Woohoo!!
  16. McBratty

    Spire New Feature

    Well the new feature is a bit of a fizz. I had thought it was going to show a list of players and their spire score like for Tournaments. Instead we have a rather pointless feature that shows us ( or is supposed to show us) the group total score. Its a roll out feature that doesnt even work...
  17. McBratty

    Daylight Savings Time Reminder!

    If you play on the pc, set one clock to german central time and thats you sorted. Alternative to that, I go to the Main Hall, click on the upgrade tab, hover over the mana requirement and it tells you how long till decay. Work out when that will be and Bobs Your Uncle! :)
  18. McBratty

    Spire New Feature

    Being as I live in the tropics, if the tangles didnt get it the sodding mildew did! :(
  19. McBratty

    Spire New Feature

    @Herodite Thank you for the update! :) @SkyRider99 I remember listening to this on my trusty cassette player...over and over!
  20. McBratty

    Spire New Feature

    Thank you Petal, much appreciated x