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  1. Insane mana requirements

    Thanks for the feedback. I especially like when somebody tells me an AW I thought was completely useless is their best solution to a problem. Maze changed for the better with the recent AW changes but I missed Enar’s completely. Will need to do the sums. Yes, I’m near the end of Chapter 21 now...
  2. Insane mana requirements

    Even with a good DA and solid Maze, the 70 million required to get to this point in the chapter consumed the mana inventory long ago. Decay is not the issue I’m spending as fast as I can generate, and I’ve now ruined the visual look of the city with all the ugly mana producers I’ve had to lay...
  3. Insane mana requirements

    I’m just going to say 27.6 million mana for one research tree action is insane, and leave it at that…
  4. Whiskers of the Past

    I have also cleared the last artifact and went for dailies when the mana producer was available. suspect I was lucky with RNG, but the evo will sit in inventory for now.
  5. Online ghost

    You can tell it’s me when in central place lol.
  6. Light Ranged Comparison

    i don’t know about human crossbows but I ran 4* Elven archers rather than 3* Rangers until I got the 4* variety based on perceived losses. 4* archers still seem remarkably resilient until a long way through a tourney, although I use Rangers against a Mage heavy composition. I only auto fight so...
  7. Verdant phoenix

    I wondered if I’d missed a subsequent FA with those artifacts as a prize.
  8. Verdant phoenix

    Am I going mad or have we not had an opportunity to get an extra artifact for Verdant phoenix?
  9. Answered Chapter XXI - Sealed Peace treaty quest.

    Several more such curve balls coming for you in XXI. I had two manu that were several levels off the ability to produce these quest items.
  10. Important question regarding ferris wheels...

    then polar bear down wind of Willy is also cool
  11. Important question regarding ferris wheels...

    Ferris wheel is always coolest when upwind of Willy Raccoon regardless of which one.
  12. Discussion What keeps YOU playing Elvenar

    I have a tendency to make contextual statements as I comment on topics, so if you believe I stray too far from topic please feel free to move them to another thread. I appreciate the role of a mod is nuanced.
  13. Discussion What keeps YOU playing Elvenar

    I’m at quest 69 in chapter 21. With the exception of the four quests needing specific upgraded manus, it is generating mana at greater than 1 million a day that slows chapter completion. Maybe I was lucky, but I strolled through the recent changes and arguably was better off. My SF stockpile is...
  14. Discussion What keeps YOU playing Elvenar

    As a long time guest lurker, now seems like a good time to finally register an account to say thanks for those that post here. All the advice and guidance helped increase my enjoyment and progression. A city building game with great graphics and challenging space management. Playing at my pace...