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  1. BlueBlou

    Daylight Savings Time Reminder!

    As a non-European friend, it would be nice to have a list of all the times certain activities start or stop, like start of spire, end of spire, same for tournament, when the daily present on mobile appears, when the day resets for event daily quests etc. Thanks in advance. :)
  2. BlueBlou

    New FA - top results on the EN worlds

    FA - Apr 2024 Hall of fame : Top 25 Well done to everyone who achieved their targets! This was the first FA after the change in upgrade requirements for AWs and looking back, the range of the top 25 seems to be the same, so these teams were able to mitigate the constraints.
  3. BlueBlou

    Elvenar's birthday

    I saw 1000% relic boosts yesterday and the day before. Today it is back to the usual 700%. Was the 1000% also a brief birthday gift?
  4. BlueBlou

    Maybe... Seeking a fellowship

    I believe some of your old friends are in the type of fellowship you are seeking. @SkyRider99 might tell you more about his fs and he is vocal about not being enthusiastic about FA. Good luck with finding a good fit.
  5. BlueBlou

    Beta Fellowship Adventures

    Funny thing is, half the badges, ok I did not count, is about doing well in tourney and spire. Anyone can get badges and contribute, even without going extreme and demolishing cities. I may not personally know a certain mage and her zealots, but Sir Skyrider, I think you are in for a ride. :)
  6. BlueBlou

    Is anybody out there?

    Herodite needs to come South to some nice warm summer weather. Snotties have a lesser chance. … and I bet Skyrider will find an appropriate picture.
  7. BlueBlou

    You knew it was coming....

    O, I am a miser, never one to use all my resources. I think part of the reason why I still have a lot of fragments is due to me not using them all in the cauldron. That pot is a mystery to me at the best of times. CCs are just pure luck in getting more CCs from spire or able to craft the x8 CC...
  8. BlueBlou

    You knew it was coming....

    If they really need to change anything in the low chapters, then it would have to be the size of the t1 buildings. It makes a big difference which one you get and whether you choose to play human or elf. The production per tile is the same, but the production per building is vastly different. I...
  9. BlueBlou

    You knew it was coming....

    In one of my cities I do have more frags than Stucon showed, and a lot of CC. Struggling with sentient goods there, so can’t complain about the change for that city. Certain wonders asked a lop of sentient goods to upgrade previously.
  10. BlueBlou

    New FA - top results on the EN worlds

    FA - Jan 2024 Hall of fame : Top 25 Congratulations to all who took part and achieved their desired results.
  11. BlueBlou

    New Round of Fellowship Adventures!!

    Top 25 in Jan FA
  12. BlueBlou

    Happy New Year 2024

    Happy New Year, everybody!
  13. BlueBlou

    HE'S BACK!!

    Jolly good cheer! Hic
  14. BlueBlou

    New Round of Fellowship Adventures!!

    Mischief makers! You guys made me read up on things. In Smurf land, down under, we usually pay not much attention on what is happening up north. :) Just going to say, it is possible to play a smart FA without excessive organisation and place well. Helps if the majority is of the same mindset...
  15. BlueBlou

    Black Friday

    I really love that set and one of the few sets I have upgraded through chapters. The real money price they are asking is too high in my opinion. It should have been a decent diamond cost.
  16. BlueBlou

    New Round of Fellowship Adventures!!

    Now why does it sound like you two are playing in the same fellowship? :)
  17. BlueBlou

    New Round of Fellowship Adventures!!

    Results of FA
  18. BlueBlou

    New FA - top results on the EN worlds

    FA - Nov 2023 Hall of fame : Top 25 We had a bit of a longer break between FAs. One of the teams decided to rock it out of this world and go for an all server record. Well done and congrats! Congrats also to all other teams achieving a personal best.
  19. BlueBlou

    New Round of Fellowship Adventures!!

    I am the bouncy one.
  20. BlueBlou

    New Round of Fellowship Adventures!!

    Lol, send me some mail and I might pop in little presents from time to time, badges or no badges. :) i see we are almost neighbours now.