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  1. Rise of the Phoenix Cult

    That has got to be the dumbest thing i have read in a very long time. Where is the difference in the information ? The information people will see is going to be exactly the same but they will need to make an extra click to see it, that is the only difference. The person that thought that idea...
  2. Rise of the Phoenix Cult

    But if anyone wants to see a quest list they can always go to Elven gems. I stopped playing a week or so before the last event started. I returned today and within 10 mins remembered why i stopped playing and the upcoming event does not give me any reason to play it so i will be missing this...
  3. Fellowship Countdown Clock

    You can't see it until the FA starts.
  4. Fellowship Countdown Clock

    It is not a question of if it is a bug or not, it is the question of are the devs going to make all three clocks show the same time or not.
  5. Fellowship Countdown Clock

    I think another question here is has this been mentioned to the devs ? There has been no comment by a mod saying that it has been brought to the devs attention and nothing about what the devs are or are not going to do. I personally do not care about the clocks but this is another instance of...
  6. Question how do you finish the quest first training when you need boosters?

    Another way that gives supplies is to return neighbourly help. If someone gives you neighbourly help and you then give them help in a certain amount of time you get tools as well as coins as a reward.
  7. Beta Fellowship Adventures

    We normally get about 2 or 3 days notice of it starting. Hopefully that will continue.
  8. Make Bear artifacts available in the Elvenar Shop.

    Ever since artifacts were introduced the devs have said that they will be rare and and not easy to get so i doubt your idea will ever happen.
  9. Question simple trails

    Simple trails are a kind of footpath, you will find them in your buildings menu. Click the hammer and nails icon at the bottom of the screen (on the browser game).
  10. Question pet food

    It is not unusual for me to go 2 or 3 days and not see pet food in the MA and i check 4 times a day and use boosters to make sure all slots are available when the next cycle comes. As @Lelanya says the RNG can be really nasty to some players.
  11. General's Headquarters

    I quite like this idea. How would players get this building ? Would it be a prize in events ?
  12. Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    That is the only reason i have been doing this event. I want to see what it is like.
  13. Spire like individual achievements in the tournament for chests

    If people are not happy with the way the FS they are in is being run they should consider finding a different FS. There are FS that are relaxed and do not insist members do a certain amount in tournaments or spire etc. The FS i am in has only 1 rule and that is to do a minimum of 4 visits per...
  14. Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    But a tournament quest when there is no tournament is impossible to do.
  15. Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    Who had the dumb idea to have a quest to solve 10 tournament encounters on a day when there is no tournament ? Do the devs actually think about anything they do ? Before anyone says there is the alternative of completing 2 provinces that does not alter the fact that the tournament encounters can...
  16. The 19th Chest Prize in tournament

    You seem to be missing a big difference between what you are asking for and the situation i have quoted you on. The person getting a promotion for their hard work is getting paid for doing that work and therefore have to do that work, it is their job. You are asking for a reward for doing...
  17. The 19th Chest Prize in tournament

    Why should people get a reward for doing something that they choose to do ? The target is 10 chests to get a blueprint and after that it is your FS choice to go further. The blueprint has always been the main goal of tournaments, the additional 9 chests are just because some players wanted more...
  18. The 19th Chest Prize in tournament

    When the extra chests were introduced it was made clear that they were not meant to be easy to get The devs obviously think the rewards for doing all 19 chests are good enough or they would have put something different in them before they were introduced. As has already been said, if you are...
  19. Achievements function

    I am against anything that might cause players to be pressured into doing more things in fellowships. It's bad enough that some push members to do more in the spire and tournaments.
  20. Spire Specialist City

    I agree 100%. I am doing the same thing.