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  1. Thank you

    Thank you and Merry Christmas :)
  2. Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    Quest 50/70: 'Solve 8 Spire Encounters or fight and win in 8 Encounters.' I negotiate my province encounters as i have long experience at losing them, I will attempt any spire encounter up to 3 times with troops but if I am defeated a third time I quit that spire. I fight as many tourney...
  3. Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    I have hit the dreaded 'fight and win 8 encounters' which means I need to wait for the next spire to start and hope for the best there.
  4. Quests Impossible Event Quests

    And crafting pet food if necessary is relatively inexpensive as well.
  5. Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    They won't keep everyone happy :)
  6. Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    I still can't get the smell of the Misty Forest out of my head, and this one is much better, however my favourite model is the three chest system.
  7. Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    This is much better than the last one and I am grateful to have this format, although I am not a fan of the shuffle.
  8. diamond delema

    I did not know this either.
  9. Two Suggestions - All (chat World) and Time Boosters ideas

    I have sometimes wished that I could send some help to a struggling player. I can also see that down the track it might cause arguments in the F/S if the recipient turned out to be an opportunist.
  10. FA farmers

    Thank you so much for your explanation, it is much appreciated. I have been playing for 2.5 years but only joined the forum a few weeks ago. I joined the forum because that last quest was insulting. Now that I have a better understanding of how Inno works and fails to respond to members, I will...
  11. FA farmers

    Thank you all for your replies. I am not upset when my ideas are rejected but I would hope the discussion might develop into something that makes the FA more productive, in addition to creating stronger F/S cohesion. We did a lot better this time in the rankings but, in achieving that, most of...
  12. FA farmers

    I use them when I am rearranging the city.
  13. FA farmers

    They were suggestions. You are free to disagree and add your own ideas :) Also It's Inno's job to keep creating more chapters so that people don't run out of things to upgrade.
  14. FA farmers

    I have already said that I think this F/A, with a few bugs is a big improvement from the previous ones but I would like to add some more thoughts. How we approach F/A and the game in general depends on why we play and where our priorities are. Many good points have been made which I have...
  15. FA farmers

    This new format is largely a huge improvement over the previous one but I think the 10 w/s for farmers is a lot for a new player to manage, and the bracelets & residue badges have been a challenge for most of us.
  16. Closed | Archived New Tourney not announcing completed badge (on PC)

    It has been my experience for the past 3 F/A's that the green check does not always activate. I just kept an eye on when badges were getting close to completion. I did not worry about it enough to complain. This is a new situation though and I hope they can fix it.
  17. Answered New FA

    Much appreciated :)
  18. Answered New FA

    We are unsure how to interpret the new witch hat requirements: (Collect 2 of the following spells: Magical Manufacturing, Ensorcelled Endowment, Power of provision) Are two of the same required, or any combination of 2? Many thanks in advance :)
  19. Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    I just got my bonus 45 points. I got nothing however I have never seen so many misty squares. I got 4 hats so I disenchanted the hut to create something useful.