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  1. hawk the slayer

    Official Discord server arrives September 11th 2023!

    Just like Gytha, I'm a regular "lurker" too. Whilst I rarely have anything useful to add to the posts I still pop in here a couple of time a day to catch up on whats new, whats happening and often learn a few things from those far wiser than I in all things Elvenar.
  2. hawk the slayer

    ... and then the TinLug said "

    NO!! i didn't arrive on a motor bike --- I always look like this!!
  3. hawk the slayer

    Closed | Archived SOD bonus chests

    You need to buy the season pass ( 3000 diamonds ) to enable all three chests
  4. hawk the slayer

    Realm of the Phoenix

    according to i-davis site the effect varies from 2% at level 1 through to 10% at level 10 and lasts for 12 hours
  5. hawk the slayer

    Active FS seeking new players

    Hello - we are a friendly, active FS and currently have 19 players, we're called "Zephala" and are looking for either single active players or a merger. We are a 10+ chest tournie FS and until recently we were also a gold spire FS and want to get back to achieving spire gold again. If your...
  6. hawk the slayer

    Answered Announcement re 24d Spire of Eternity?

    thats good to know as the icon does not show at all in the browser
  7. hawk the slayer

    Answered What level do you need to be?

    thanks guys, I cant remember what happened this morning never mind all those chapters ago
  8. hawk the slayer

    Answered What level do you need to be?

    Hello, sorry to bother you guys with this but it was far too long ago for me to remember and I cant find anything in the wiki Question is - what chapter do you need to be in to allow participation in tournies and the spire??
  9. hawk the slayer

    F A participants

    AH!!! Bless ya, I couldn't remember for the life of me and nor could the rest of the FS. Thats great, it was soooo useful and I was afraid it wasn't there :)
  10. hawk the slayer

    F A participants

    During the last FA I seem to remember being able to see who's participated, I cant seem to find it this time, am I missing something??
  11. hawk the slayer

    Question spire points

    Thanks guys, I did try and find it but couldn't - cheers :)
  12. hawk the slayer

    Question spire points

    Hi Guys - quick question, how many points does a single player earn going from bottom to top of the spire
  13. hawk the slayer

    Fellowship Progression

    thanks guys - thats great :)
  14. hawk the slayer

    Fellowship Progression

    Hello, I was always told "if ya dont know -- ask" ----- so I got a couple of questions for ya, Q1 - Can you have more than one perk running at the same time, ie tournie archive & spire archive ( Hope thats a yes ) Q2 - For spire gold and all spire crystals you need 1330 points, if the FS scores...
  15. hawk the slayer

    Update Discussion Phoenix of the Holy Fire

    If it is a "joke" they should have released today - April fools day --- do you think this has something to do with the 4 star enemies we are going to be facing
  16. hawk the slayer

    Rise of the Phoenix Cult

    Oh --- thats what they mean, I couldn't understand why I didn't get through by opening chests. Thanks Meli X
  17. hawk the slayer

    Rise of the Phoenix Cult

    Help!!! I was on the quest that asked you to "summon units using instants or negotiate 3 encounters". I thought maybe to summon was to use time boosts but that didn't work so opened a few chests until I had won troops 3 times but that didn't work either, seems they go directly into your camp now...
  18. hawk the slayer

    Show Us Your Cities!!

    My once pretty city looks more like one of those refugee camps you see on the telly -- oh well, good chance to re-organise when I put it back together I guess
  19. hawk the slayer

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures coming again - with changes!

    I feel your pain Hekata - no matter how many times you send messages - post in chat - scream at the monitor, it makes no difference there's always a few that just keep blasting away without a thought for others
  20. hawk the slayer

    Closed | Archived Magic Workshops not working

    yeh - me too, not working in Arendyl or Winyandor --- I got around it by plonking down a lev1 WS cos I've only got MW's in one of the cities, at least I could start a new production