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  1. AutumnWolf

    Setting Favourite Ancient Wonder, reloads app with an error

    It is indeed fixed now. Thank you :big grin human:
  2. AutumnWolf

    Setting Favourite Ancient Wonder, reloads app with an error

    Current version (1.183) of the app on Android. Steps to reproduce the bug: * Choose Ancient Wonder menu, and select any AW which is currently not labelled as your favourite. * Clicking the heart, shows Error: Something went wrong. * Clicking Retry, causes the app to reload. screenshot not...
  3. AutumnWolf

    Fool's Paradise (Recruiting)

    Our Fellowship has 4 spots for active players. Ideally, Scrolls boosted. Contact ArchImage in-game. Thank you :D
  4. AutumnWolf

    Mana boost from Hobby Room not working on event buildings

    Oh! Thank you @Herodite for the speedy response. I hope these boosts are worth the ads we see :D. In the mobile version, I can see ads for other city building games as well, they are trying to lure me ;)
  5. AutumnWolf

    Mana boost from Hobby Room not working on event buildings

    With Hobby Room, the Mana boost is working only on culture buildings from the builder menu. The boost is not shown on event buildings or Mana sawmills. I will just post a handfull. Does that mean the Builder boosts only buildings he builds!? Makes sense, but not very useful as most of my mana...
  6. AutumnWolf

    I Wonder how many....

    Chapter 13, 14 Ancient Wonders, 211 Levels. I try to focus on wonders which boost fighting abilities. And I have started targeting 20 provinces with 4656 tourney points (completing one less province from round 3, finishing with 15 provinces at round 6).
  7. AutumnWolf

    Fool's Paradise looking for new players in Arendyll

    We usually reach 10+ chests in tourneys and a few of us finish the spire regularly. We are looking for an active player, ideally scrolls-boosted. Contact anolis or PowerIvy in-game.
  8. AutumnWolf

    Realm of the Phoenix

    Is it just me, or I still haven't hit the daily quests. This is just the second day, and the quests are still available even after I've finished 58 quests out of a total 70.
  9. AutumnWolf

    Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Record #5 - Inventory Stack

    I use 1 MMM, 1 ELR, 2 UUU every week. And throw in a liberal application of DA and twice as many Tree-buildings to get as many "Ghosts in a Spire" badge during an FA.
  10. AutumnWolf

    Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Records #3.5 - Furthest Neighbor

    Discovered Fellowship
  11. AutumnWolf

    Unofficial Guinness Elvenar Records #2 - Cost of KP

    Mid-Elvenar! About to start Halflings. I buy KPs only as part of event quests!!
  12. AutumnWolf

    Version 1.160

    The Trader Reset button works now, with the current update!
  13. AutumnWolf

    Fellowships Ability to choose Fellowship Flag/Banner!

    I see! Didn't know about that. May be new fellowship flags as FA rewards is the idea.
  14. AutumnWolf

    Fellowships Ability to choose Fellowship Flag/Banner!

    Just like players have the option to choose portraits, wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to choose the Flag/Banner of the fellowship? This can be even given as Fellowship Adventure rewards. It would be another small motivation for fellowships to participate. These fellowship banners are...
  15. AutumnWolf

    Version 1.160

    After the update, the Reset button in the Trader does not seem to work as intended. It resets only the placed offer, but not the chosen goods. The chosen goods have to be manually un-selected!
  16. AutumnWolf

    Constellations & Celebrations

    Wow! I love constellations. When I see a constellation, I get a sense of connection to all the ancient civilizations which saw them. And the that they told each other.
  17. AutumnWolf

    Version 1.159

    Thank you @MinervaOz. That clarifies my nagging feeling that something was not right. I am just a visual person, so when the positions remain the same, it confuses me :(.
  18. AutumnWolf

    Version 1.159

    Since the update, the positioning of our troops in the 2- and 3-wave battles in the Spire appears to be random! Before the update, the positioning consistently flipped. In the 2nd wave, positions changed like: 1->5, 2->4, 3->3, 4->2, and 5->1. If there was a 3rd wave, the position remained as...
  19. AutumnWolf

    Autumn Zodiac 2022 Event

    End of Chapter IX. I understand that things can be different between beta and live worlds. Just wanted to help by updating some info.