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  1. Piglets For All

    That's me done!

    I'm retiring this city, the direness of Chapter 19 has left me at the point of no return. I'm nearing the end of the chapter in Beta and just can't face months of it on live as well, and so Piglets For All wishes you all goodbye! For all those who have known me as Lisica, I wish you well in...
  2. Piglets For All

    Frustration at lack of Fellowship Adventure

    One of the things I've learnt with Inno is that just because its been done before doesn't mean that it will be done again. Having additional artifacts in the FA didn't always happen but has only been for the last year (or two, or three?), before that we had other low level prizes not worthy of...
  3. Piglets For All

    'The Forbidden Ruins' questline event - started in Beta Jan 2022

    Totally agree with you on this one, as an FA hater the thought of no more endless clicking fills my heart with joy!
  4. Piglets For All

    Question Perks - reset?

    That's interesting and something to bear in mind.
  5. Piglets For All

    Question Perks - reset?

    If you have archived tournament or spire points and then do a reset, do those archived points disappear because the levels have gone or do they stay there?
  6. Piglets For All

    Fellowship Progression

    So not the one today then, fair enough, thanks for the reply.
  7. Piglets For All

    Fellowship Progression

    If we put points into the first level of the Spire perk and they show as 50 points, at what point can we use them in the spire? If I click on the green + at the top of the spire I get a small pop up which says "Total points saved 0/50" and the little box with what's needed to get gold is shown...
  8. Piglets For All

    Winter Magic 2021

    I've stopped clearing provinces now, just scout and leave them uncleared and that way they're ready for events as I'm doing 2 x tournament and spire in 5 days and those solving encounter quests seem to fall outside of those 5 days.
  9. Piglets For All

    Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile

    As somebody who is well in Ch19 on Beta (just upgraded the Fortress to lvl 3) and underway very slowly here, people should resign themselves to it taking a long long time if they don't have lots of expansions (premium) or are coming into the chapter straight from Ch18 and haven't had the time to...
  10. Piglets For All

    Tournament Strategies

    I have a lvl 30 timewarp and feed my stage 10 polar bear at approx 14:00 on a Friday, put down my battle boosts, 1-2 Dwarven Armor, plus 5 or 6 of the 2x2 boosts, whichever I have as I don't take account of what troops I might face as I always fight the same way, feed the bird and then whizz up...
  11. Piglets For All

    World Map Player Movement Changes

    When a city is moved towards the centre it will be moved into a spot on the map with exactly the same distribution of province types, however there's no guarantee that the players currently around you would also be moved to the same location in relation to yours as it would depend on that...
  12. Piglets For All

    Zephala are looking for new members

    We're recruiting again, if you'd like to be part of a friendly FS with members from all over the world then mail me.
  13. Piglets For All

    Discussion Upcoming New Features!

    The little green dot tends to be slower to show gray when a person has logged off than the /who in FS chat
  14. Piglets For All

    Zephala are looking for new members

    We now have 3 vacancies and would be very happy to welcome anybody else who would like to join us.
  15. Piglets For All

    Zephala are looking for new members

    Zephala is an established Fellowship, unfortunately we've lost a few people recently to real life issues and are looking to fill our vacancies. We're a friendly FS, active chat window and well used KP threads. We are getting 12+ chests in the tournament each week and until our numbers dropped...
  16. Piglets For All

    New Elvarian Games questline event in Beta June 2021

    Not preliminary as such as the event finished yesterday, but by only taking the target with the lowest number of seahorse food per point from the 3 targets on offer I managed to get all 9 artifacts the day before before the end, I was bronze league for most of the time and finished there as...
  17. Piglets For All

    Chapter 18 Superior Trader

    You now have a Merchant which you can see on a tab when you open the trader. Each Merchant has to be paid for and will stay with you for 20 days, 3 Merchants can be bought for gold and 2 for diamonds. This being IG the cost of each Merchant will go up. You can take Ascended Goods from the...
  18. Piglets For All

    Fellowship Adventure Notices

    Sorry to be picky, but Thursday is 22 April, and that's the date I understand it to be as well.
  19. Piglets For All

    What fresh hell is this???

    So now you're effectively telling us that whatever we can get ingame from whichever source - MA, event, FA etc, we should never use them all but instead wait for some time in the future where Inno may decide to call upon them? This is another nail in the coffin for me... I'm slowly approaching...
  20. Piglets For All

    Rise of the Phoenix Cult

    Rangers are showing as the Daily Prize on Day 13 according to my prize list, the day after the Burning Egg.