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  1. schadenfreude

    Spiera Kallipygos™ looking for fun teammates

    We have an opening because a long time member left to become a Pharmacist. Adulting has claimed another elf. The Aussies claim she'll be working at the chemist, because the chemist is apparently not a person, but a location, or maybe a state of mind. Oh, and we did pick up another Aussie so...
  2. schadenfreude

    Spiera Kallipygos™ looking for fun teammates

    We've just had a player retire so we've got room for one more beautiful player looking to develop spectacular bums from climbing Spire stairs. Are you invested in becoming callipygian?
  3. schadenfreude

    Version 1.170

    Well that was a short list...
  4. schadenfreude

    Runeshard Changes

    It's based in inflow and outflow of KPs. You can't receive significantly more KPs than you give out. It's a very generous number too so any player that is KP locked received a ton of KPs and haven't donated out. They only need to give out KPs to unlock themselves.
  5. schadenfreude

    The Great Excavation

    :D I think that's what the last event's avatar lady was doing...
  6. schadenfreude

    Answered Is there a method to geta missing piece of a set from an earlier quest?

    There are tomes as prizes in events or FAs that sometimes have old set pieces. The recent event had a Tome for Forbidden Ruins set for Silver and Gold League.
  7. schadenfreude

    Stop the Map from moving during Tournament

    It still feels the need to swoosh back to province 1 when I am fighting backwards from 40 and want to stay put in the same province for the next 5 rounds o_O
  8. schadenfreude

    Automatic movement on tourney map

    I too am a member of the Reverse Order Club. If you run out of troops in the low provinces, it's easy to timer. You'd need a heck of a whole lot more timers to have enough to fight the higher provinces. Fight the higher provinces when you have more troops. Don't like the new whooshing tourney map.
  9. schadenfreude

    Season of Dreams

    I've told my fellow with food sensitivitues to not visit my city this week because I have 63 loaves of bread to bake and none of it is gonna be gluten-free!
  10. schadenfreude

    Catering instead of fighting

    I think I know a few doing 6k so that is still within realm of possible. I know someone that got to Woodelves doing 8k in tourney and full Spire with cater only setup, but she left the game before Sentients and other decaying goods. I'm not sure 8k weekly is as sustainable juggling so much...
  11. schadenfreude

    Secrets of Alchemy

    Add me to the list of players that used to get the newsletter just fine, but didn't receive anything this event. Also, thanks for not counting Sentient goods towards quests again. I guess we praised the devs too much on that change last time and they didn't know what to do with all that warm...
  12. schadenfreude

    My Own Personal Thank You....

    You monster! :eek:
  13. schadenfreude

    Fire Phoenix Artifact for New/Young Players

    I cater early game and fight once I get to Orcs. If I cater, the only encounters I will spend diamonds on are in the Lab for end gates, but it's rare I'd have to spend diamonds at every end gate. Therefore, I prob average only 50 diamonds spent catering per week, but fighting is all pure diamond...
  14. schadenfreude

    Fire Phoenix Artifact for New/Young Players

    I have a new city that is only about a month old that already has a lvl 4 Fire Phoenix. However, I don’t plan to feed it for another 4 chapters or so until I get to Orcs because (1) I also know Pet Food rationing is part of Fire Phoenix management, (2) I don’t have enough provinces open for...
  15. schadenfreude

    Fighting/catering difficulty change through chapters

    Also, a clarification. When I said earlier that you’ll “feel a dip” in chap 16, I meant your ability to make back troops, not necessarily tourney score. It’s easily overcome if you feed your Brown Bear though, which most people doing lots of tourney will occasionally need to do anyway...
  16. schadenfreude

    Fighting/catering difficulty change through chapters

    It does, but at the time of the widespread adoption of parking cities, the latest chapter was 17 (I think) and the math for what you get out of military building increases in chap 16 in terms of upgrades etc. did not keep pace with the increase cost from mandatory techs should one completes the...
  17. schadenfreude

    Fighting/catering difficulty change through chapters

    You could level a Shrewdy or Bulwark to counter a Needles upgrade to prevent the queue from being too short. That also assists you in the long run when you get a Simia or feed your Brown Bear. Bigger stacks = more free troops. When did this happen? :( The battle engine on FoE is also...
  18. schadenfreude

    Fighting/catering difficulty change through chapters

    It is true people often confuse the formula with difficulty caused by enemy combo of certain tournaments and it is also true the formula is set at the start of the tourney. But the formula itself has changed. The gist of it is still the same. The variables that influence CAL are the same...
  19. schadenfreude

    Fighting/catering difficulty change through chapters

    The type of players that play the game is so varied though. You have math wonks like MinMax playing with others that can't be bothered to think and want to be told what to do. Maybe they just like the game for the pretty pictures. Also, others may have stopped at chap 16 NOT because of the...
  20. schadenfreude

    Time to say Goodbye

    Thanks for all the event info, Jack. Good luck!